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1/26/12 2:40 A

Keep in mind, the body can go in-to starvation mode if it doesn't receive the amount of calories it needs, and that will make losing weight more difficult. Try eating around 1500 calories for three weeks; if you gain weight, take it back down. If you lose weight, then your body simply needs more fuel in order to burn more calories and allow you to lose weight.

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1/25/12 11:02 P

Remember to do rotation of foods as the stomach is still a muscle like any other muscle and can get used to our "area of likes" throw in a few items you don't usually eat because you have something else you usually eat that you think tastes better.. Watch stuff like condiments, watch smoked goods and canned products for salt especially soups and vegetables.
Read labels more carefully- and portion control.. Weigh items, don't eye ball anything make sure no more or no less goes on the plate..

Doing these few things saw me loss weight while off work and the gym 3 months efter a huge form for tummy tuck.. I was told to keep walking to avoid obstipation from pain drugs.. I was not allowed to lift anything, I had to have help to get out of bed and into bed.. I wasn't allowed to use my middle section of my body period for fear of hernias.. It was tough not visiting the gym my spinal injuries blaze up and give me grief-I am not allowed to get overweight again.. My spinal holds hands thanks to weight training- strong muscles keep me upright.. Having a rehab plan is vital for returning to a normal life and being able to do more right down to allowing my hips knee and ankles to correctly realign themselfs efter dropping 176lbs..

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1/25/12 8:34 P

this happens to me a lot! and i always give up! just dont give up!

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1/25/12 8:26 P

Have you tried playing with varying the amounts of different types of foods? Maybe your carbs are higher than they should be for you. Maybe you have gluten problems and are eating lots of grains. Maybe the calorie range is really not quite enough for you. Could you need more good fats? Even good food is not good for everyone. You'll figure it out if you try different things.

1/25/12 8:19 P

I'm 5'7" tall, 200 lbs and my next goal is to get to 180. I lost over 50 lbs 2 years ago and have been stuck there ever since. Haven't gained, but havent lost. I had back surgery and cant do more than a little walking, so I put it at sedentary. EVERY weight loss calculator tells me my calories should be 1800-2300 calories daily. That just cant be! I would gain for sure on that. And I dont eat packaged stuff, I eat clean fresh foods, and stay satisfied on the 1100-1300 cals, so I cant understand why I haven't lost anything in the last 2 weeks or so. Any advice? Thanks!

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