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3/29/13 8:36 P

Beans! Beans will help with both protein and carbs.

TAMMY421 Posts: 11
3/29/13 9:05 A

thank you all for your tips!!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
3/29/13 8:26 A

I try not to eat anything without including carbs, fat, and protein. If I'm going to eat an apple, I have some almonds with it. When I eat my cereal, I have yogurt with it (I eat my cereal dry but if you used milk, that'd give you protein). I love a snack of peanut butter on crackers or a slice of whole wheat toast.

I saw a post a while back from Dietician Becky about breaking up your protein requirement throughout the day-- if your minimum is 60 grams, do 10 at breakfast, 20 each for lunch and dinner, and then 10 more for a snack sometime in the day. Total 60. Doesn't seem as hard to plan my food, when I'm breaking up the goal that way. You could do the same for carbs. If your breakfast is usually a little heavier on the carbs, then just make lunch or dinner less carbs to even it out.

I've found that it's a lot easier if I plan my food in advance, rather than just filling in the Nutrition Tracker at the end of the day, with whatever I happened to eat. Left to my own devices, I reckon I'd be way too low on fat and overdo it on the carbs, plus hit and miss on the protein. By planning in advance, I can swap things in and out and come up with a plan that hits all my nutrition goals for the day.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/29/13 7:48 A

This article provides a number of plant based ideas many of which will allow you to bring both up.

How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat
A Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources

Coach Tanya

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3/29/13 12:19 A

You can make your food tracker public by going to the Start page (or just click on "My Trackers" above), then click "View My Sparkpage" under the Community Links. From there click on "Edit My Sparkpage" and on the upper right there's an option to share your food tracker (right next to the color wheel). When you select that option then anyone who visits your page can see what food you've logged for any given day.

As for the original topic, I've found that a good approach for me is to have meals and snacks that are well rounded. I tend to be a carb queen, and I used to have to play catch up with my protein and fat goals almost every day.

For example, I used to eat just oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. Now if I have oatmeal I don't have a heaping bowl of it. Instead I have some oatmeal with some almonds sprinkled on top and some eggs. For lunch if I'm having pasta I opt to add in some veggies and proteins, and use an oil based vinaigrette instead of a cream sauce.

Small changes add up throughout the day.

TAMMY421 Posts: 11
3/28/13 11:34 P

ok I made a sparkpage, but not sure how to make it public. not sure how all this works lol.

TAMMY421 Posts: 11
3/28/13 11:16 P

ok I will definitely do that, thanx!

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3/28/13 11:12 P

That's very true. :)

One thing that can help us is if you create a Sparkpage and make your nutrition trackers public. It's hard to make specific suggestions without knowing what you're doing.

TAMMY421 Posts: 11
3/28/13 10:52 P

I am having a hard time getting the minimum amount of carbs and protein, and also calories for my plan. anyone else having this problem? eating right is not as easy as it sounds lol.

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