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4/4/12 6:04 P

Sunnyside, I'm not Becky, but I can answer your question. :)

Your range is a range for a reason; it' calculated to allow for weight loss anywhere in that range. You can absolutely eat anywhere in your range and still lose weight. :) Sparkpeople gives us a range for a reason, so we can have the flexibility when we need it!

4/4/12 6:03 P

your SP calorie range means that you can eat anywhere within the range and you will lose weight. I usually suggest that members experiment a little. Determine where within the range do you lose weight, control hunger yet still have a good deal of energy for daily activities and planned exercise. You can also "bank" calories. Eat at the lower end for a few days and save the rest to "spend" on an evening out. Take an average for the 7 days, and you will find that you are still within your weight loss calorie range.

Folks who follow a vegan eating plan, do use primarily plant based foods to meet protein needs. They use whole grains, beans, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds, soy based products, vegetables, etc. What do you actually mean by "using JUST VEGGIES as a protein count"?? Can you share more about your plan??

SP Dietitian Becky

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4/4/12 4:22 P

Thanks Becky!

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4/4/12 7:57 A

Hi Becky - good news - lost 1.6 pounds this morning....

2 questions: my cal range is 1200 to 1550,,,I've been trying to stay within the 1200 range but want to eat more good stuff - veggies, lowfat cheese.

will i lose weight if i eat 1300 cal instead - the SAME amount - what does range mean?

Next question- how do you feel about using JUST VEGGIES as a protein count?

Thanks again! Sunnyside UP this AM!!!!!!!!!!!

1/9/12 7:31 P

commercially frozen blueberries are washed before freezing.
Dietitian Becky

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1/9/12 7:21 P

I always assumed they were washed ahead of time, too, since a lot of recipes call for frozen fruits and veggies to be added without thawing. I always clean all my other produce, but I never wondered about that. Good question.

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1/9/12 7:08 P

I think frozen bagged foods are might say somewhere on the package.

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1/9/12 6:29 P

Do you wash them before you eat them?

I never do and just throw them in the blender but am wondering now with all the pesticides. Thanks!

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