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6/21/13 11:17 A

Both pp are right, eating so little will only hinder your weight loss.

If that is you in your profile picture you aren't overweight, you would be at a healthy weight. I agree with possibly looking at the body fat test, and start strength training. A good routine that I have been enjoying is kettlebells. They have beginner workouts, and I have noticed a difference in my body in the few weeks I've been doing them. Kettlebells actually combine strength and cardio, it is really cool and fun.

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6/21/13 7:26 A

When you begin an exercise program (increase duration or intensity) it's normal to retain fluid for the first month or so. This usually masks any fat loss on the scale.

You're also eating under 1000 cals most days according to your tracker. Exercising too much and eating too little often works against losing weight. If you are already a healthy weight, you have to expect to not lose as quickly as someone who is overweight/obese. You simply don't burn as many calories as them. So the general recommendation of 1-2 lbs a week goes out the window. You should really only expect a .5-1 lb loss per week.

You should be eating a bare minimum of 1200 cals. And that is more for a petite, sedentary woman. Active women need more. I find the more you push beyond your body's capability to lose weight, the more it holds onto that weight.

Since you are already a healthy weight. You may be more interested in concentrating on your body composition than scale loss. Build lean muscle and burn fat by eating close to maintenance while strength training.

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6/21/13 5:48 A

I think you will find that there are a few things going on.

1) You often frequently eating under 1200 calories, and at times under 1,000. An average weight woman who is sedentary needs 1200 calories to ensure that they get enough nutrients.

2) I note your current weight! Do you NEED to lose weight or is it that you WANT to lose weight! Unless you are very short, you are already a healthy weight! When a person gets close to "their body's" ideal weight the weight-loss is more difficult.

3) You have just started this journey - weight-loss doesn't happen overnight - it can sometimes take a while to see and feel changes. It doesn't mean that good things aren't happening tho'!

4) "Patience is a virtue" ................
............. and ..................
"Rome wasn't built in a day!" They are both very good expressions - and very appropriate here!

5) You mention wanting to see some fat disappear. In all honesty, at your current weight, I doubt very much that you have fat that should be disappearing. You might find it is more muscle toning that you need - they are two different issues. Have you had a 9 point skin fold caliper test done to see what your fat % is? If not, I suggest that you go to a gym and ask for someone qualified to do this and see. You might be surprised!

Good luck,

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6/21/13 5:28 A

I have been trying very hard since joining SparkPeople about two weeks ago. I have changed my diet and started working out,but my weight and measurements do not budge. I have thought about going to a high protein low carb diet to get the scale to move so that I get a little prize for my hard work. I can't stand not seeing any payoff. I try to focus on getting healthier, but I am not going to lie, I wanted to see some fat disappear too.

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