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11/18/12 6:18 P

My suggestion would be to try a product called Xylitol. Here is a link (you may have to copy and paste) explaining the dental benefits:

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I used to have bad teeth also. What helped me was avoiding grains like wheat, limiting sugar, and keeping my testing vitamin D3 levels around 50ng/ml. I also take vitamin K2, which seems to help.

Pretty much what I did to improve my teeth is what Dr. Mellanby discovered. Drs Mellanby where the husband and wife English researchers that discovered vitamin D3, plus conducted studies on dietary ways, along with taking vitamin D3, to prevent dental disease.

"Dr. Mellanby's Tooth Decay Reversal Diet"

11/18/12 12:25 P

I suggest that you ask for more direct instructions from your doctor about the foods to eat and the foods to avoid (if you are unable to brush your teeth after eating).

Carbohydrates that stick in your teeth (cereals, crackers, chips); can actually do more damage than sugar that leaves the mouth rather quickly. Your doctor needs to talk to you about your diet, food choices and hear about your tooth brushing schedule---them more helpful recommendations can be made. Some foods actually are teeth friendly---such as aged cheeses. This is why I encourage a longer talk with the dentist or dental assistant.

It is your choice as an adult if you want to use artificial sweeteners or not; but they are a way to cut calories and they do not promote tooth decay. As with all foods and food ingredients---moderation is the key---and this holds true for artifical sweeteners as well.

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Fresh fruit, stevia, unsweetened nut/seed butters, fresh fruit puree/juice.

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i went to my dentist and he said my teeth are getting really bad and i can't eat sugar anymore. well i don't trust these artificial sugars and so called 100% sugar that isn't. so what can i use in my cereal and bake with that won't hurt me? i don't even see why splenda is still on the shelf as bad as they are. they are dangerous.

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