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no/low carb evening snack ideas??

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8/16/11 11:40 A

Why not meter out your fruit and milk products better we have 4 fruits daily and half a liter milk products. Use half during the day and PLAN for a healthy snack with carbs in them to desert..

Sparks says if we eat within the ratios of carbs fat and protein- doesn't matter when we eat them- just get them in..

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8/16/11 9:26 A

I agree with CAH-RD. In fact I have trouble getting up to my carb range everyday, and I'm eating fruits, vegatable, whole wheat, etc. So unless you are going over your carb range, I wouldn't be that specific. I would say that my late night snacks are probably more carb than other things I eat, and my weight losses always occur overnight (of course). Carbs are actually needed to release and burn stored fat ... one reason the low carb diets don't make much sense.

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8/16/11 3:59 A

cocoa and a little sweetner stirred into cottage cheese makes a delicious "pudding"

or if you want savoury, hard boiled eggs are easy to keep on hand.

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8/16/11 2:35 A

I wouldn't recommend no/low-carb personally, but low carb foods include proteins such as meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, etc as well as most veggies.

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8/16/11 12:51 A

I made a really yummy snack, that is easy to put together. I don't know if you mean low carb/no fruit...but if not, I used low fat cottage cheese, a cut up peach, almond slices and some splenda... it was really great. Another great one is apple or celery with almond butter.

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8/16/11 12:44 A

Hey! So I eat plenty of fruits, oats, and kashi cereals etc, but I've tried to lower my carb intake a tad and was trying to not eat much after my supper. Any late night snacks that are low in carbs??

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