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ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/11/14 11:52 P

My DH loves his ice cream. I just asked that he get the flavors I don't like! Then it's not a problem!!!! emoticon

LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,410
5/11/14 2:06 P

I may try the mashed fruit thing. I love ice cream and try to get lower fat versions but it is hard to stay at the single serving size. Have kept it out of my house until I can get my old willpower back.

MOODYKEYS SparkPoints: (26,689)
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Posts: 839
5/10/14 10:32 P

ice cream is a big thing for me in the warm weather. tonight i had to go to a car show that was at a ice cream parlor. i made it though the show (2 Hrs) and i didnt buy any ice cream. woo hoo. even added into my food tract to day but didnt need it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLASHPINE SparkPoints: (16,593)
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Posts: 29
3/14/14 10:13 P

i saw dr. oz thie week and he used a frozen banana , strawberries mash and mix in greek yogert and refreeze. of course any fruit you like and freezes well will work, enjoy

MAINEALI SparkPoints: (77,610)
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3/7/14 4:00 P

I stick my yogurt in the freezer for a bit to make it more of a "treat."

FUNGI777 Posts: 203
3/6/14 11:33 P

there is a new bullet gadget on the market that makes frozen fruit into" like softee ice cream" as soon as the price comes down a little, im getting one

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
3/6/14 9:13 P

Ice Cream is my downfall. I' m planning to try the frozen banana treat . Most people think it really taste good.

FUNGI777 Posts: 203
1/21/14 12:29 P

I felt like i had discovered this fact but i'm starting to see reference to it on the TV. Ok, we can't have ice cream!!! but we are allowed fruit every day!!!!. what i did was mash my banana (with dots) to use it for a smoothie and froze it to save the banana( they are getting expensive)
I discovered that after it softened a little it tasted just like banana ice cream! then i started using this treat for my evening snack. sometimes i add a tbs of walnuts to it and it is awesome.
you can get very creative using either a half or whole mashed banana... enjoy... emoticon

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