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IVYLASS SparkPoints: (221,069)
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4/8/14 11:12 A

Drink plenty of fluids and rest up. You'll feel better soon.

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (116,948)
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4/7/14 8:56 P

Hope you are feeling better! No fitness for me today. Totally slept through the alarm this morning. Oops. emoticon

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (265,207)
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4/6/14 8:20 P

Health comes from the inside out! Sometimes resting is what is needed. Don't push it when you are sick. One or two days will not stall overall weight loss attempts!

JESSBESS77 Posts: 29
4/3/14 10:27 P

Don't worry, I haven't moved all day.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,457)
Fitness Minutes: (189,710)
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4/3/14 10:25 P

You should be focused on resting, not worrying that you didn't get any exercise.

JESSBESS77 Posts: 29
4/3/14 10:18 P

I am so sick. Unable to keep any food down. This is not the way I want to lose weight. emoticon

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