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8/9/09 2:31 A

Wow you guys are all so very nice actually haha. Thank you all for all the suggestions.

Yes I am a dude so sports bras aren't going to be my ideal solution haha.

I'm sure I am the only one that ever cares, but to me that's still enough to try to change it. I never started working out for what others thought of me, but for what I thought of myself.

I probably will just try to add more cardio to my routine. I like the elliptical because, although I may be wrong, I feel like it works the love handle area better than a bike or treadmill.

Thank everyone again for all the helpful suggestions and reassurance.

DACIUS Posts: 1,917
8/8/09 12:26 P

A fitted under armor shirt would work perfectly for your problem when you are out and about. Other than that, it may just be your body type. I have seen guys with 2% body fat still have tiny moobs when they are not working out.

There is nothing wrong with this though. I guarantee you are seeing this more than anyone around you. It is good to strive for perfection, but remember that you have a nice square chest and you should not tear yourself up about this.

NINAPEA Posts: 527
8/8/09 12:02 P

I have been laughing through this entire thread. I was also thinking about the Seinfeld episode before I even saw the last poster!

Anyways, it sounds to me like you still have a little bit of fat on you. This happens to women all the time when they are trying to lose their belly. They do situps and crunches all day long and can't figure out why they still have the fat. It's because strength training doesn't burn fat, it builds muscle. Cardio burns fat. So, I agree with you and say you need to focus a little more on cardio. You will probably be really surprised at what changes your body will make.

You sound like you are doing awesome with your strength though, so I would definitely say continue with that. It is always good to change up your routine every now and then, especially if you aren't getting the exact results you are looking for, so I say hop on the elliptical or treadmill before you do your strength training for 20-30 minutes and that should help your problem a good bit. Good luck!

8/8/09 12:14 A

This brings to mind the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Frank Costanza invented a bra for men, but they couldn't decide on the name. Kramer wanted "BRO" and Frank thought it should be "MANZIERRE."

Don't they make some sort of compression undershirt?

I wouldn't let it worry me too much Shoeshine. Others probably don't even notice it.

8/7/09 10:59 P

They make nipple covers for women, maybe they do for men too.

PETERTAWFIK Posts: 1,083
8/7/09 1:37 P

it might not be so related
but the more i run i started to feel a lot of pain in my nipples then i discovered the mre the pain there
the more fat i lost in my chest
so i dont have pain anymore there because i lost all the fat there and i look healthier now

Fitness Minutes: (5,167)
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8/7/09 1:18 P

LMAO @ the confustion!
emoticon emoticon

But anyway... sounds like just something that is a part of how your body is. Maybe wear a wife-beater under ur workout clothes??

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,913)
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8/7/09 12:36 P


then I suggest some heavy duty bandaids.

HAPPENINGFISH SparkPoints: (0)
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8/7/09 6:56 A

Uh, I think the OP is a guy, yeah? So sports bras are probably not the solution (although you should TOTALLY try one sometime anyway just for the heck of it).


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8/7/09 6:37 A

Big problem for me as well and since I teach, I was always aware of it. When I work out, I sometimes use two sports bras...that kind of helps. I also have found that a particular brand of Champion has a sports bra that lessens the visual.
Victoria Secret actually makes bras to address this problem...they are pricey but at least I can wear white tshirts with them without anything popping out.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,913)
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8/7/09 5:07 A

I have insanely out of control nips. More so now given my situation.

My sports bras are lightly padded, that helps a bit, otherwise I just try to stay warm.

HAPPENINGFISH SparkPoints: (0)
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8/7/09 4:22 A

Not an expert, but here are two possible things:

1) nips might just want to be the way they are... we all get different shapes and you might have to compromise on your ideal nipple situation

2) my best guess is that dropping your body fat will help flatten it out. If you build up your chest, that's great, but you're still just building up muscle under a layer of fat, and the fat doesn't go anywhere without cardio. Even if you put another pound of muscle on each pec, it's still going to have fatty tissue sitting on top of it.

You might want to check out bodybuilder sites (like, ones that are, like, not insane) and see what these guys do when they shred, and add some of that to your routine. I'm guessing some interval training might do the trick. Try it, I think you'll like it. A walk/jog/run combination to start might be good, 'cause running is cheap and freaking effective.

And on another note, probably the person who worries the most about this is you, although you probably already know that. Good luck!

8/7/09 1:50 A

I've been working out for several years now and results really do show. I love bench press and pretty much working out my chest any way I can. I have the nice square pecs going for me but still my nipples always tend to stick out making them look like man boobs. They are very noticeable through shirts and that just kind of sucks.

There are times when that goes away. Like right after working out my chest will be nice and square, but of course this is only temporary. Also, when I get cold they are no longer noticeable and my chest feels more square. I guess my whole body just tenses up a little bit.

Does anyone else have this problem? Better yet, did anyone else have this and figure out how to fix it? I don't know if it's maybe just something I'm doing wrong in my work out or maybe I need to focus more on losing some weight instead of just strength training.

On days when I work out my chest I normally do normal bench press followed by inclined bench press then declined bench press to try and work every part of the chest. I also finish up with some upright flys using the machine in the gym. Recently I started doing an extra set of push-ups and some inclined push-ups when I get home after working out my chest. My rationale being that more reps at less weight is supposed to tone better. It's been a couple weeks and no noticeable difference yet. I always follow up my workout with a protein shake with some creatine in it. I work out my chest around every 4-5 days. I don't do very much cardio at all, except for walking 2-3 miles a day (total, in 15 minute spurts) to get to class.

If anyone else has any experience with this please let me know. Or if there is an obvious flaw in my workout routine let me know.

Thank you all for the time, tips and suggestions. =)

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