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2/5/13 3:52 P

I belong to WW and use the online site. The 360 plan seems to only add to the previous plan(s) by stressing behavioral changes. Everything else at the website works the same but now there are ways to reinforce the changes you can make to daily life that make losing weight easier. The 'Routines' that are suggested are things you would use to control your eating, such as slowing down when you eat, eating breakfast, etc. They are modifications to your behavior, but if you think about them every day, the way you think about points plus counting, for example, they make your diet effort more effective.

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2/5/13 11:31 A

Hi IRENE4548

There is some information about the program at the weight watchers site.

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2/5/13 9:36 A

Does anyone know what the 360 WW plan is about?

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