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Unident has some very good ideas. But I have some questions to ask before I make my suggestions.
1. How did you arrive at your goals for your weightloss?
2. How did you determine to limit your calories at 1500/day?
3. How long do you exercise each day?
4. What is your fitness background? In other words, what exercise experience do you have?
(high school athlete, college athlete, sports medicine background, elementary school gym class) please list as much as possible.
5. What are your other goals? Certain level of fitness, certain percentage of body fat, some other goals?

Let us know so we can better help you.

Good luck!

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10/11/12 2:39 P

Spark offers a minimum intake for any males of 1500 per day, and that is if you're slight and/or completely sedentary. If you exercise at all, you'll need more. So by eating "less than 1500" daily you are probably being somewhat unhealthy.

Nobody can tell you "weight loss from burning 1000 calories a week". It simply isn't that simple.

With the light jogging, Spark has that in the tracker. So if you know your speed or can use the map feature to plot your route, it'll tell you the calories burned from that.

With only 30lbs to lose you should be aiming for a weekly rate of loss of about one pound. Higher is probably not realistic - while you can set it in the site goals it's more for obese people who can easily lose a lot of weight each week. You're just not fat enough for that!

Track your exercise for one week, then you'll know how many calories that burns. Enter that as your "calories to burn per week" goal for the following week. Make sure your weight loss page is set for 1 pound per week, or about half a year to lose those 30 pounds (I know, sounds awful doesn't it?). Then eat in the range the food tracker gives you.

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10/11/12 8:17 A

Your weight loss is going to depend on the amount of calires you burn v. those you consume. You can set up your SP tracker using your goals and calories burned to get a nutritional range. 1500 calories seems like it's probably not enough for you to consume, so you're going to confuse your body, and it will start to hold onto fat rather than burn it because you're not fuelling it well enough. Set up your trackers here, as accurately as possible. Continue to exercise and eat within the range set by SP for at least 6 weeks and see what happens. I mean, I'm a 5'4", 120 pounds 35 year old female, and I maintain around 1700-1800, so 1500 just seems awfully low for your height, weight & activity, especially if that's the top end of your range.

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10/11/12 6:50 A

If you put everything in your nutrition tracker and fitness tracker, it will tell where you need to be. Weighing in once a week will help show you how much your losing. I dont know if there are internet articles that can explain. If you do a sp web search, you might find other similar questions with better answers.

Utilizing this program to its fullest by using all the things it has to offer with be beneficial to your health. Good luck.

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just started recently working out. just doing light exercise and dieting at home. been consuming 1500 or less calories a day. doing the xbox kinect by itself using ea active im showing burning about 1000 calories a week. ive also been adding jogging and such about 30 mins a day as well. so im not quite sure the amount im burning with light jogging. my question is what is my weight loss from just the burning of a 1000 calories a week? im currently at 196 lbs and wanting to get to about 160. im a 28 yr old male at 5'6".

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