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4/25/12 4:21 P

based on your current weight you are given a range. I thought it was kind of high when I started too because of dieting and eating like NO fat. In reality a certain amount of fat can be good. I'm sure you know all about the good fats and bad fats. Try to get the better fats like from nuts, ollives, salmon for example. My range is 27-60 grams and i try to stay near the lower end of that but that at least gives me the option on special occasion or whatever that I can increase them a little.

Also, depending on how much weight you have to lose you need a certain amount of calories to burn calories effectively. As you lose weight your calorie need will also decrease but thats why you log your weight and keep track of goals, nutrition and fitness and reevaluate things occasionally as you go.
I know all this but am just coming back after losing and gaining back 25 pounds.
I just have to stick with it and take advantage of all the tools SP has to offer.

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4/25/12 3:16 P

In my nutrition, are the calories, carbs, fat and protein in categories of "grams"? just wondering because it says that i should have 40-80 grams of fat per day...that seems awfully high, or does it mean that is supposedto be for the whole week? anyone know? thanks!

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