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MOCCA5512 Posts: 7
8/19/11 5:07 A

hi GATEAUX98..

Congrats on the upcoming wedding..

I'm getting married on the 5th of May 2012!! woohooo a wedding buddy on spark! emoticon

I also want to lose some major weight by then, like you said, those pictures are for life! I have just decided to eat healthier.. and force myself to eat breakfast everyday. Been at it for 30 days already and lost just over 6k already emoticon alot still to go.. but at least I'm on my way!!

The first changes I made, was eating breakfast everyday, seriously reduced my fizzy drink intake and not eating carbs and proteins together in one meal at least 3 times a week! So far this seems to work for me.. at the moment I'm not doing any real exercise as this cold weather here in SA is really getting to me!! But will be starting to exercise in September more frequently!!

Good luck on your journey, both the weight loss and off course the planning of your wedding!!!

PETE_JESS_87 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 19
8/18/11 7:06 A

My doctor told me that I can do the calorie scal thing.. but not count my veggis.. he said i could eat as much veggis as I want. but I havent proven this theory yet.. I am in the middle of doing it lol

LOVEFIT30 Posts: 2,975
8/16/11 3:06 P

You can always join the Brides To Be 2012 team and/or the Bridal Bootcamp team! We'd love to have you join.

Click the links at the bottom of this post on my signature to the team and you can join from there!

Definitely start slow and build up otherwise you will burn out. Good luck!!


DWELLS1994 Posts: 1,664
8/13/11 12:04 P

I agree with SCTK519, low carb and keep within your calorie and fat range each day. Start with 10 minutes of exercise and gradually build your endurance up. One step at a time!

Good luck!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
8/10/11 10:53 A

I have a calorie range that I try to stay within each day. I lean towards low carb as well and try to eat healthy items all day, like fruits, veggies, meat, and whole grains, as opposed to eating my calorie range in chips & candy.

I wonder what it is about weddings that makes us think so much about the photos whereas they are probably WAY more photos out there of me when I was heavier that are far worse & you don't worry about those nearly as much as the wedding ones. Good Luck!

GATEAUX98 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/11 10:06 A

Hi everyone!

Im new here and planning a May2012 wedding. Trying to drop some major weight before that happens (I do afterall have to live with those wedding pictures for the rest of my life!).

what is everyone doing as far as nutrition goes? What have people found works best for them? Low carb? calorie counting?

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