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10/27/13 8:37 P

There are no "rules" on sparkspeople. We are ALL here to support each other and lose weight. I will not insult you but I hope you do not start the weight loss pills. I took Bella-Vi pills when I first signed up, and now my thyroid is messed up from it permanently.

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10/27/13 6:25 P

I am referring to weigh loss supplements I'm particular. However I posted this question on many other topics and I found out that no they are not against the rules but if you take them and talk about it no one will like you or support you. They will think you are too stupid to research and make an informed decisions for yourself. They think you are trying to get a quick fix and are so naive to fall for a scam! So I will no longer be using this site for weight loss support. I don't like being insulted about my choices to use a tool to help my process. Don't agree with the judgments on here. I will just use the trackers since they are very nice for calculating my calories and exercise. Just too much negativity on here.

PINKYYSUEE Posts: 4,137
10/27/13 4:27 P

Hi and welcome to SP...

I'm not sure I know what you are asking...are you asking if its ok to take vitamins?

Spark is a community of people all doing different diet can do sparkpeople plan if you want...

So are you asking if on the sparkpeople diet, if its ok for vitamins?

What do you mean by supplements?

ITALIANKAT SparkPoints: (428)
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10/27/13 1:09 P

Are supplements against spark people rules?

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