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4/1/14 4:58 A

Self-awareness is key, along with the ability to recognize your issue and take that first step - and it's OK (perhaps even *preferred*) to take "baby steps" so as to avoid frustration that can lead to totally giving up......this is a very good start!

(BTW - couldn't help but notice your user name........I have a down coat with the "TripleFatGoose" label - and now it looks like I can *finally* put it aside for *SPRING*!)

emoticon and best wishes!

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3/31/14 2:02 P

No I have not.

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3/31/14 1:30 P

Wonderful that you came to that realization. THere are so many actually healthy foods available it is a wonder we continue to knee jerk the old habits. Keep on Sparking. emoticon

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3/31/14 11:53 A

hello this mail made me smile have you seen the documentary "Fat Head" ?

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3/31/14 10:35 A

Friday as I was driving up to GB and finished eating a McDonalds habanero/bacon sandwich with fries and a coke, the thought entered my head. What in the **** am I doing? Show a little will power, show a little care for yourself. This last week you were able to get yourself out of bed to go to work a bit early only to waste it looking through e-mails. I have no excuse not to get up early and work out. So today I got my butt out of bed and did my 20 minute walk. Thinking that was good, the slap of reality hit when I came to work and lugged myself up 3 flights of stairs and was winded. I need to focus so maybe a daily barrage of e-mails with encouragement or chastising may help. So M, W, R, F and hopefully one day on the weekend, this lazy butt is going to be at the Y. Good, got that off my chest.
Hello everyone, way oversized person, looking for challenges/encouragement/chastising.

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