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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
2/4/13 1:45 P

This is unhealthy and unsustainable. Any short-term gains will soon be outweighed by the damage you are doing. Starvation diets lower metabolism and decrease muscle mass. The minute you start eating again, even at a moderate level, you will gain all of the weight back and then some.

With a little planning and preparation, you can make healthy choices. I would suggest investing in a small cooler and a bunch of containers. You can pack the food you will need for the day and never have to worry about not having something healthy on hand. It will take a little thought and work at first, but you will be on autopilot after the first month. Lots of good strategies for this available.

I agree with the other poster about eating wholesome, clean foods with ingredients you can pronounce. In fact, very little I buy even comes in a package. Frankly, since I started doing this, I don't even track calories (I know, heresy, around here but works for me) and I am maintaining after a 30-pound weight loss while continuing to reduce my fat mass and lose the last few pounds.

Just getting out of a crazy relationship with food, which this diet certainly perpetuates, and trusting yourself by listening to your hunger cues is a monumental shift that will change your life. And, when you are hungry, eating real, nutritionally dense foods that will nourish your body keeps those cravings at bay. Not to say that I don't have the occasional indulgence just because it tastes good, but that's just a treat and no longer turns into uncontrollable binges.

2/4/13 1:10 P

I'll bet if you look at the ingredients of any of these shake products or the protein bars - there are tons of things you can't pronounce......
My new goal is to eat things where I can pronounce all the ingredients. Had a hard time with trying to find a healthy pita pocket today, but thing I more or less won.
I agree with the last post... a lot of hype, a lot of "do it for fast weight loss" like anyone on 500 calories would lose weight regardless of what they did....
I agree..... what will work in the forever? That is the most important.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,249)
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2/4/13 12:39 P

Diets don't work. why?

Do you want to drink shakes for the rest of your life? How is this teaching you how to make healthy choices under stress? What is this doing to help you address the cause of your own obesity?

What will you do when you lose weight, and then get stressed again? Keep going back to expensive shakes and pyramid schemes?

Shakes are fine; they're not evil, but they're limited in their ability to help. Drinking your calories is boring, and not something you can maintain your entire life.

Losing weight "without exercising" is not something to be proud of; if you're not exercising, you're also burning muscle and other important tissues as well as fat, so you can easily end up "skinny fat" where you weigh little, but have no muscle strength at all and are unfit. I am overweight, but with my exercise regime, I can easily outlast and outrun many people I know half my weight. Exercise makes weight loss easier, yes, but more importantly, it makes you HEALTHIER! You need exercise, for heart health and longevity.

CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,297)
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2/4/13 12:25 P

There are more nutritious shake options, such as Raw Meal, Vega One, Amazing Meal, and surely others. These are all vegan and contain servings of greens/superfoods, probiotics, omega 3s, and no artificial sweeteners or other junk.

I would definitely supplement these shakes with some coconut oil for some good healthy fat, and probably some flax seeds (or some other way to get your omegas/more protein/ fiber). I would also probably get some "greens, superfood" powdered supplement for one shake a day.

PS these shake diets are probably easier to handle if you have your main meal at lunch and do the shakes for breakfast and dinner. (At least that is how it is from my experience).

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AKATHLEEN54 Posts: 601
2/4/13 11:32 A

As many others have posted it sounds very strict, limiting and unhealthy. Most of these FAD diets work short term only to have the weight come back on once you stop using their product. If would think following a healthy diet with a more reasonable weight loss time period would be more beneficial in the long run.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,403
2/4/13 11:10 A

I have done liquid fasts because I had a medical test and all I could think was, I can't wait until this is over.

COTTERR SparkPoints: (11,655)
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Posts: 112
2/4/13 10:31 A

Sounds just like slimfast and special k diet. If you restrict your calories that extreme of course you will lose weight, however, you will probably gain it back if you don't plan on doing the shakes forever.

When was was working on my masters full time while working full time and started my weight loss, I would eat lean pockets, yogurt, fruit, and progresso soups when I was really busy. Cheap, easy, and mostly healthy. Helped me make it through until I had time to prepare meals and when I did, I'd always do batch cooking and freeze half. Also, salads can be made a week or so at a time. I got those tupperware containers that keep produce fresh a little longer (they have vents) and put all the ingredients in there like lettuce, kale, spinach, corn, tomatoes, onion, carrots, peppers. Then just throw them in a plastic container (dressing on the bottom to prevent lettuce from getting nasty, shake when ready to eat) and you are good to go. Add lean meat to make it a meal.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/4/13 10:18 A

One of my mentors at school did this and she was thrilled with the results... Until she went off the diet. She didn't just stop the shakes, either. She started to eat sensible meals for breakfast with a shake for lunch and did that slowly like they suggest. The week she started eating real food she started to gain the weight back, pretty much immediately. I tried one shake at her suggestion and I thought they tasted nasty, but she liked them.

Last I heard she was irritated with the overall outcome, because she followed their plan exactly and ended up right back where she started... Except she was lighter by several hundred dollars.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,403
2/4/13 10:10 A

So many people start Body By Vi and claim they lost a lot of weight starting off. No one has everyone come back and talked about how they are maintaining such a strict diet.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/4/13 9:49 A

If this is Body by VI- there are a bunch of posts regarding this already.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
2/4/13 9:32 A

Sounds incredibly unhealthy, sorry.

As other have stated, how do you expect to keep the weight off? Will you continue this diet for the rest of your life? There's a reason fad diets are also synomous with yo-yo diets. People want a quick and easy fix to their weight problem but plain and simple there just isn't one. None sustainable nor maintainable at least.

Not only are you missing out on essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals... it sounds like a starvation diet. As a recovered aneroxic, I can tell you even when you're only getting 300 cals a day... after awhile you stop feeling hungry. Your metabolism also slows to a crawl and if you try to eat like a normal person again, you gain incredibly fast. You also plateau. I ate around 1000 cals for years and never lost weight, in fact I gained any time I did eat more. As a general rule, you should not go below 50% of your daily calorie needs.

Lack of exercise, particularly strength training means a good portion of that weight loss will be lean muscle and tissue. Which is another pitfall of eating on a severe calorie restriction. The ratio of lean muscle loss to fat loss increases even more. Do you want to look flabby or firm at your goal weight?

I'll just reiterate what others of said here; there is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. And this isn't a new diet fad, it's a rehash of slimfast. How many people do you know still do slimfast? There's a reason for that...

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,501)
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2/4/13 5:19 A

I would have some strong concerns:

1. it appears that one serve is only 90 calories so I hope that you are having something AS WELL with the them.

2. it appears to be very low carbs (7g - 5g of which are fibre)

3. It only has 1g Fat (NOT saturated) so 2g total from 2 meals would make it very easy that your daily fat intake to be extremely low.

4. very fast weight losses (and which yours is) causes a person to run the risk of health issues.

This is a copy/paste from WebMD
"What Are the Risks of Rapid Weight Loss?

Rapid weight loss creates physical demands on the body. Possible serious risks include:

Gallstones, which occur in 12% to 25% of people losing large amounts of weight over several months.
Dehydration, which can be avoided by drinking plenty of fluids.
Malnutrition, usually from not eating enough protein for weeks at a time.
Electrolyte imbalances, which rarely can be life threatening.

Other side effects of rapid weight loss include:

Menstrual irregularities
Hair loss
Muscle loss"

As far as your comment about no cravings or hunger so far, my understanding is that there is an patented type of fibre they use which helps to prevent this. I know that you are busy but in all honesty, there are ways and means around that. Bulk cooking and freezing individual serves saves heaps of time, and saves money - one lot of power/gas and you can take good advantage of the many specials with meat/fruit/veges by bulk-buying as much as you can afford. Frozen veges are generally more beneficial than 'fresh' which has often been sitting for a few days after being picked. you can substitute some more expensive items for less expensive - i.e. lentils in place of some meat; veges to bulk out casseroles; make plenty of soups and 'cream' them with a stick blender. You are far better to learn to EAT healthy with REAL food rather than rely on 'quick fixes' because, believe me when I say this - odds are it will come back and bite you in the bum - a lot of people find that their weight shoots back up making it harder to drop the weight again later.

Take care, and I DO mean "Take Care"

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CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
2/4/13 4:39 A

Good luck..

PICHIPIXII SparkPoints: (1,687)
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Posts: 4
2/4/13 4:29 A

That sounds pretty amazing but I have to agree with lilliputianna, sorry if I've spelt that wrong.
If you lose weight really quickly it's a lot easier to put the weight back on really quickly as soon as you stop whatever it is that you're doing. And let's face it you won't want to be losing multiple kilos a week forever, there will be a point when you reach your goal.

The healthiest and ultimately easiest way to sustain weight loss is a diet of real food and at least some exercise. Aside from the obvious benefits of real food and exercise - more energy, increased metabolism and immune system, increased bone density, a toned bod and a good chemical bath for the brain - Rapid weight loss can lead to unsightly skin folds as opposed to a slower loss which allows time for the skin to adjust.
And you don't want to shock your body into losing so much weight at once - it can play havoc with your metabolism.

All that aside, there may be benefits I don't know about. And you have to make choices that work best for you in your situation. Good luck with your journey :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/4/13 4:22 A

Well, your body can only burn fat so fast. That's one of the reasons most places recommend 1% of bodyweight, or 2lb/week maximum.

So you have to ask yourself - if you're losing half a pound a day, that's half a pound of what?

It's not fat. You don't burn fat that fast. So ask yourself - do you really want to lose what it is?

2/4/13 1:26 A

This sounds like a "new" old diet. When I was young (way back in the 80's), everyone did slimfast shakes. One for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a sensible dinner...their ads would say.

As for the not exercising thing...

You'll often see people saying here on SP, that weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. So, just staying within your calorie range daily will bring about weight loss, and it may be more sustainable over time.

Anytime someone tells me they lost 30 pounds in 90 days, my immediate thought is that they're going to have a heck of a time keeping that weight off forever.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,094)
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Posts: 3,748
2/4/13 12:22 A

I'm happy for you if it makes you happy and healthy. :)
The one thing I would consider is that the shakes are very low fat and calorie; it seems like your 3rd meal would have to be pretty large. How do you feel about using shakes long term, after you've incorporated this as habit into your brain?

ELECTRICNERD SparkPoints: (3,472)
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Posts: 87
2/3/13 11:26 P

I've been trying for months to lose weight but with the stress of going to school full time and working have been harder to make healthier choices. Recently a friend of mine showed me this diet she had tried; the vi-shape challenge. You substitute two of your meals with their shake, and have anything you want for your third meal, staying within calorie limits of course. You can still have a snack with the shakes too or snack throughout the day. My friend and her husband did the 90 day vi-shape challenge together. She lost 32 pounds while he lost 40 pounds. without exercising.
I looked into the product and saw the price was less expensive than what I normally spend on groceries and take-out each month. So I decided to do the 90 day challenge. I've only been at it for 5 days and have lost 5.8 pounds. I already try cooking healthy and now having only one meal to worry about makes things easier.
So far I haven't felt any cravings or hunger while taking vi-shape and I've gotten several recipes from sparkpeople.
I just want someone else's opinion about this.

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