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7/10/13 2:13 P

Thanks for posting this - I read an article in the NY Times when this book first came out and I meant to read it so now I am motivated :)

7/10/13 2:10 P

Thanks for that, I put it on my reading list.

We gotta get everybody JERFing! Just Eat Real Food as much as possible and read those labels!

I've even discovered that the chicken breasts served at my go to fast food places have soy in them. Most of the "chicken" in chicken soup is actually soy as well. Sigh.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/10/13 1:36 P

Yes, I need to read his book, although it may just depress me. I get my foods in single ingredient form, but who knows how far they will go to change real food into garbage. Organic chicken sounds good, but the definition of organic is changing, and who knows what they do to chickens. As a rule I just read the ingredients, and look for recognizable ingredients.

My butter has sweet cream and salt, my olive oil has no other ingredients. However what has happened to your fresh fruits, and veggies? Or the meat you eat?

the biggest issue is that 90% of people don't even care enough to not eat Hot Pockets, so the 10% who care, are seen as a minority, and ignored. It is why our labeling is so poor. It isn't as easy to tell what is good or bad anymore.

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7/10/13 12:24 P

Thanks for posting that.... reminded me that I have to add that book to my Must Read list.

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7/10/13 11:49 A

Pandora's Lunchbox by Melanie Warner, released Feb. 26th, 2013, is an expose on the world of processed foods. I found a small article which highlights some of the issues -

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