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7/25/14 12:48 P

I was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2014 after a 60 lb weight loss.

Still am learning about this disability.

Glad that you joined.

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7/25/14 12:06 P

wow that's great ! You should e so proud ! What is a fi tbits ? how do I add friends on here ?

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7/25/14 10:37 A

Your subject line says it all. I am a 57 year old grandmother of 4 who started my journey at almost 300# 2 years ago tomorrow. I lost 135# and have been at goal for one year.

My husband, too, is diabetic. I bought myself a Fitbit Flex in May, then got him one in June. I have tried to get him to increase his exercise and to eat healthier for years, to no avail. I even ditched my own weight loss attempts because I thought, "Why bother if he doesn't care?".

Back to the story, I reached goal a year ago and we got the Fitbits this summer. He has now lost 30#, is watching his weight and is focused on getting his 10,000 steps in daily now.

The moral of this story is: Persist. Not only are we in better shape when we do, but eventually, others want the same thing and will follow.


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7/25/14 9:46 A

Your in the right place. So many tools & friends ready to support you. I suggest you create a Spark page for additional support.

LOVEBUGGYTRIO12 SparkPoints: (1,077)
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7/25/14 8:18 A

I am a grandmother to 11 , great grandmother to 2, been married 49 years ! I am so out of shape, have tried so many plans and sites. I am down 20 lbs from where I had been but I find to so hard to stay motivated when all those around love to eat !! We camp a lot and there is always so much junk food. My husband loves to eat out, I always cave in and eat the wrong things. I get frustrated because he is diabetic and should be watching also. But he doesn't. This new site is my last try !! I just like knowing I am not alone...I will do it this time. I need too, for my health. I want my children and grandchildren to learn from me to be healthy. And you know I love healthy foods, I just always add the here I am , day 1. I am aiming to be better.

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