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LVMY2SNSSLS SparkPoints: (7,130)
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12/29/12 11:09 P

Thanks Ladies, I did good today and went to the gym tonite~ Feel alot better now~ Today was a new day.

BASKETLADY13 Posts: 301
12/29/12 10:33 A

This lifestyle is similar to riding a bicycle or a horse. When you fall off, you just get right back up and get going again. My favorite quote is "If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting." I have this posted all over my office, house, car, etc. Every time I think of overeating, not going to the gym or being lazy; I see that quote and gets me going. Hope this helps. Good luck. emoticon

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 4,984
12/29/12 9:57 A

No anger, no beating yourself up! Hit the reset button right now. One meal at at time emoticon . Go for a walk, dance around the house, get to the gym, drink some water!

Im with ya! Good luck!

LVMY2SNSSLS SparkPoints: (7,130)
Fitness Minutes: (5,851)
Posts: 55
12/28/12 11:49 P

I'm in need of some serious motivation, I have let myself get off track this last week and I have not been tracking or excerising like I should! And worse I've been eating all things I know I should not eat!!! I did go and sign up for the gym today! ( one I have to pass everyday going to and from work! NO EXCUSE NOT TO GO!! lol But I really am angry with myself because I have now gained back 6 pounds of the 25lbs I had lost~~

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