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LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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6/22/13 11:18 P

Good for you! You can do this. Just remember that your dream body is 30 years old and has had children! And none of us would trade our babies for perfection! Right? (Picturing stretch marks here .....nah, I'll keep the kids!)

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/22/13 11:12 P


HAPPYJAY SparkPoints: (17,353)
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6/22/13 10:57 P

good luck

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
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6/22/13 10:56 P

Good luck on your journey. You have found a wonderful site, full of wonderful people and tools to help you along the way.

GARCA95677 SparkPoints: (701)
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6/22/13 10:13 P

Thank you I needed that

GARCA95677 SparkPoints: (701)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
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6/22/13 10:12 P

Thank you im going for my dream body

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (475,888)
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6/22/13 12:48 A

Good luck to you!!!!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 8,889
6/21/13 2:36 A

Good luck to u! U can do this!!!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/20/13 11:18 P

welcome........and good luck...go get the body you want..

GARCA95677 SparkPoints: (701)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
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6/20/13 9:58 P

hello I'm 35 and need to lose 50 lbs im soooo tired of being over weight everytime i had a baby
i guess i stored everything i ate well its time to move on finally found a site that so far i love i hope i can finally find the support i need to lose the weight the healthy way emoticon

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