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HALO1966 Posts: 11
2/20/12 3:52 A

you are so right.... it won't happen unless i really put the effort into it and just do it !

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2/20/12 3:42 A


HALO1966 Posts: 11
2/20/12 3:23 A

thanks both of you for your advice and encouragement. i will checkout the help tab and checkout the community groups also. i will see how to setup a spark page as well. hope to be following in your footsteps on the road to a healthier me.

2/19/12 10:52 P

emoticon I'm so glad you have found SparkPeople - it's a great community of people and you'll find loads of resources here to help you on your journey. If you have questions or need help figuring out how to use something, click on the HELP button at the top of the screen - there are all sorts of tutorials, FAQs and answers there!

Good luck on your journey - take baby steps and you'll be able to stick with it better!

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2/19/12 3:28 P

The best thing to do is to just what you're doing. Ask questions, be active on the site. Sparkpeople is more than just a diet program. SP is for anyone wanting to make changes in their life to become a healthier, more fit, happier version of themselves. SP works in conjunction with most any other diet program. I bought the SPARK it is a great tool and explains all about Sparkpeople and the basic foundations of the program.

The best place to start is at the beginning. To build your own SP page go to the community tab and click on Spark pages. Then click on view My SP page. Then you can build your own page from there. You can also email SP members if you want as well. Look through some of the Spark Teams. Find a few that interest you or are based on issues, hobbies, pets, health issues, Join.

You will find teams for those who use other weight loos programs like Biggest Looser, Weight Watchers, Atkins, & others.

HALO1966 Posts: 11
2/19/12 2:16 P

thanks shelly for responding so fast. it's nice to feel welcomed. i'm at a loss of how to start. i really don't know how to do anything on spark yet. just trying to read around. i read about the spark diet but couldn't find it anywhere. i don't know really how to start as i've done so many weightloss programs. i'm a member of ww online but have been on and off for about 13 years and don't seem to be getting anywhere. i think i might just unsubscribe instead of paying their monthly fee. it is a good program but can't seem to stick to it. i also recently started the meals that are delivered to the house but didn't last past a month. it's just the thought of having so much to lose and i get say three month down the road and still no one says hey you look like you lost some weight. it shouldn't matter but it does. i think i need a diet that has quick results in the beginning and then settle on a better program. i was just wondering though does spark have their own diet here for people to follow? how do i find out how to set up things like a sparkpage and adding things like the chart at the bottom of my messages to show how much weightloss and such. i will go check out your sparkpage now. congratulations on your weightloss and successes you have made. looking forward to having a new friend.

SHELLYKOCH1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/12 1:52 P

emoticon I'm so glad you joined our emoticon . Like you I have an on going affair with my weight since Jr. High. When I was younger it didn't seem such a daunting task to shed the few extra lbs here & there. I've been with SP since 09/2010.

Let me 1st congratulate you on stepping out side your comfort zone & posting here. That is an awesome start. This is an amazing site chock full of information, motivation, & support. The best advice I can give is to be active on the site. Open your page up so other SP can friend you, share you successes, offer advice & support. Track everything. Use the trackers for your food, exercise, and anything else you think you need to track. Set goals, start small this is a journey, not a race nor a diet. Join some SP teams and challenges.

You've taken the hardest step, that is to join, then to ask for help. That is an awesome start to making the changes necessary to be successful.

I would like to share our journeys and get to know you. Please check out my SP page and send me a friend request. I'll friend you back.


HALO1966 Posts: 11
2/19/12 1:39 P

hi, i am not a new person to trying to lose weight. i've been off and on weightloss programs since i was in sixth grade the first time i was teased for my weight. i started then every crazy diet and then some to lose weight and finally in nineth grade i got to a weight i was happy with. at least that is what i thought. but, i think i was never really happy with myself and always felt fat even though people were telling me i was too thin then. fast forward....i married and had kids and after each one i got my weight back down with exercise and diets. but after my fourth child i just hit a depression and a few years later woke up from it and found myself at my heaviest needing to lose more than 100 plus pounds. it just seems so daunting. i've tried just about every diet out there and patches and diet pills but nothing seems to work. i just can't seem to get my motivation to last more than three months and then i just seem to go off and gain back what i've lost and then some. it just seems to be a constant cycle. i can't seem to distinguish if my weight is causing my depression or the other way around. it is so frustrating. now i should be even more motivated as i am having health problems as well and i am tired of going to the doctors and they just say lose weight as if it is so easy. i actually joined spark people a few years ago but didn't use it like i see so many people here using it. i'm very shy and don't seem to know how to get out of my shell to ask others for encouragement and help i'm actually surprised i'm even writing here. i'm almost 46 in a few days and i would love to end and start my day not thinking about the next diet and putting things off waiting for the weightloss. i wish i could just accept myself for who i am then maybe i could start feeling confident enough to help myself and have confidence that i can really start on a healthier way of life and feel it is a normal way to live and just go out and do things and feel alive rather than hibernating in my home. i'm sorry this is so long i didn't mean to go on for so long but i am really reaching out to anyone who has felt like me and can offer me ways of reaching my goal. thanks for listening

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