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10/15/13 3:00 P


So sorry you've had such a time.

I was in that spot as well.

Once I found Spark (and their lifestyle NO DIET) emoticon emoticon emoticon It became EASIER! Slow and steady to start off.

The tools here are awesome bc you set small goals and then move up at your own pace.

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DELIA38961 SparkPoints: (37,314)
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10/15/13 2:37 P

hi welcome emoticon there is absolutely nothing wrong with you . people are different and different things works for different people . one thing sparkpeople has taught me is that losing weight isn't going to be achieved overnight . start out with small things , appreciate and love yourself regardless of your weight . you will be amazed when you start seeing the results you've always wanted emoticon

NGCHILD SparkPoints: (157,581)
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10/15/13 12:02 P

Hi Leanne and welcome to Spark!! What works for some, might not work for others. Give spark a try, I bet you see results in no time! You can and WILL do this!!

Have a fabulous day!!

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10/15/13 9:56 A

Thank you for your words of advice. I am exercising, which is really friving me nuts because I am a nanny for three little boys who are 4, they never stay still. The harder I try , its like a huge road block, with weight laughing at me

MAGGIE1944 Posts: 54
10/15/13 9:27 A

Hi, Leanne

I gained a bunch of weight after a hip replacement surgery when I was also on prednisone, which favors weight gain. So I know how frustrating it is to be heavier and to feel like you've not done anything wrong to gain the weight.

In my experience, I needed to stop my focus on losing the weight, and put my focus on choosing to eat healthy and balanced foods that I liked and wanted to eat. And then to that I added trying to get out and walk some so I could burn off a few calories.

Start slow and steady and practice loving yourself. Track your foods and pay attention that you are eating enough protein. And keep talking about how your are doing.


LEANNE01834 SparkPoints: (28)
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10/15/13 9:02 A

Hello, need help, tried Weight Watchers, four months lost 1/2 pound, told I wasn't doing the program, the right way but I was exact. I just tried Nutri-System cost $ 1000.00, and lost 1 lbs. I never cheated, it just didint work. I shattered my ankle, last year in accident, gained weight being in bed for 4 months, everything has gone down hill from there.Nothing I do will reduce the weight, so mad at myself, someone help me with this, whats wrong with me

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