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9/19/12 9:46 A

I am sure tht for some this might be true but my obesity IS my fault! I had given up on myself after my second child was born. I ate anything and everything without any thought of what or why I was eating. I am fine now and not looking at what I did but have made a change in my way of looking at food I eat and looking in the mirror again and liking what I see......

JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,370
9/19/12 9:37 A Watch this series THE SKINNY ON OBESITY with Robert Lustig M.D. and understand why we are obese and why it is not our fault.

BELLE-4 Posts: 66
9/19/12 6:39 A

Good attitude girls, really. Not every day is 100%, and most weight loss is done through what you eat rather than exercise, but exercise really makes me feel better. Have you tried the "Sparkcoach" feature? It is rather excellent and has a lot of good info on how to make Sparkpeople work for you rather than you work for Sparkpeople. They have daily short videos with step by step info....remember this is a process and not one that will be instant. Bad days will be there but if you at least follow a good meal plan 90% of the time, you will get somewhere!

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9/19/12 1:53 A

This topic is an issue for me. I set the goal to do at least 10min/day. I did a couple of days, skipped a day, then skipped 2 days. The guilt was overwhelming. I found I was worrying about it and feeling bad more than if I had just done it!

I decided yesterday, that I'm not beating myself up anymore. Ten minutes and my mind will be clear! I is so much better than beating myself up enough to trigger a binge!!!!

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9/18/12 8:32 P

@LinaMarie.....I know exactly what you mean. When I feel depressed or overwhelmed, it is SOOOO hard to get out of my chair and on to the glider, or out the door to walk (not tonight...we have a tornado'll have to be the glider).

And because of all the rain we had/are having today, I see that the $4000 roof repair I had done did NOT fix the leak in my front I can relate to your water damage disaster....

But I just started SparkPeople yesterday (four days after I had to buy jeans a size larger than I've worn for ten years), and I'm motivated by what you all have done. So tell you what....last one out of her chair is a rotten egg!

BELLE-4 Posts: 66
9/18/12 11:39 A

I like how Sparkpeople emphasizes that even ten minutes is good. Maybe you can go for a quick walk with the family? I know, I had a struggle today too but managed to do it... barely. :)

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LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/12 8:35 A

I have not been feeling my very best emotionally and it is taking a toll on my exercise routine . had so many problems pop up this weekend with the plumbing in my home that caused all kinds of damage to some walls and the flooring to my daughters room which cost me alot of money to fix and not to mention the mess that I have. I have had a talk with myself and I know I need to snap and find that positive side of myself. My plan is to make myself get on that treadmill this to get on it...

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