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DEIANEIRA Posts: 135
11/18/11 4:21 P

How about being able to log in 4 hours of walking when I'm having to shovel snow? LOL

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
11/18/11 1:34 P

I assume you've put all of your info into Spark, and it set a range for you? If you did and all the info is accurate, you should do your best to get within that range on most days. Work on making small daily substitutions that will get you closer to your protein, carb, fat and fiber ratios. It will take some time, but it's well worth the effort.

You mentioned that you just started......give it some time and trust the process. It will take your body some time to adjust to this new way of doing things. Yes, breakfast would be a good thing....even if you have to start out very small like a glass of milk, a banana, yogurt, or a piece of toast with peanut butter--whatever you can handle.

A pound fluctuation is nothing to worry about. Don't weigh yourself any more frequently than once a week.....I prefer even less often than that. What you're looking for is a downward trend, not a regular weekly drop.

Everyday tasks like housework are already built into Spark's computations, so they really don't count as exercise unless they're way up there in intensity. How about starting off with walking? 15 minutes a day would be a great way to start.

Welcome to Spark!

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11/18/11 1:22 P

I would give yourself a couple weeks to adjust to things, and try to get your ratio into play. You should also start tracking your sodium, to see if that's having an affect. And track your fiber, to make sure you're getting enough fruits and veggies. Remember that you should be aiming for about 70-80% of your food to be fruits and veggies, which sounds horrifying to most people. But if you work your way up to that, it will help tremendously.

DEIANEIRA Posts: 135
11/18/11 10:55 A

Thank you for all the great tips. Yes, I've just started the program. I'm still trying to get the carbs,protein,fat balance fit into my diet. I'm starting to get better at it though. I do need to up my fruits/veges. What's the best things to eat to get the folates up? I'm not good at the E word, mostly due to body injuries, but I have had to start shoveling snow. What happened to the fitness tracker that you could track calories burned doing everyday things instead of having to work out? Like gardening, housework, snow removal, etc.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (107,108)
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11/18/11 9:27 A

Are you doing any exercise? That's probably not enough calories if you're working out. I went from your weight to where I am now eating around 2000 calories per day and doing some semi-serious exercise. Also, are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you getting the minimum 5 servings per day?

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
11/18/11 7:00 A

My weight keeps increasing slightly too! But my clothes still fit! I can only assume I've gained muscle!

Don't worry so much! give it time!

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11/18/11 6:55 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/17/11 10:30 P

I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated.

A few things to think about, I hope they help...

1) Have you been following a healthy eating program for a while, or have you just started? It can take your body a couple of weeks to adjust to the changes, and you might not see results on the scale immediately. Try looking for other changes -- a healthier glow in your skin, a feeling of fitness, your clothes fitting better even if your weight doesn't change right away...

2) Your weight can fluctuate quite a bit due to water loss or retention, digestive processes and other factors. Your weight can go up or down by as much as 5 lbs in a single day just from retaining or releasing water. A 1 lb gain is not a cause for worry, unless it becomes a pattern. Also, your weight can be affected by monthly cycles and other such changes.

3) Are you drinking enough water? That will really help your efforts.

4) Are you eating too little? 1000 calories sounds pretty low.

Balancing your carbs, proteins etc, and eating smaller meals throughout the day also will help with blood sugar regulation and appetite control, which in turn will help with your weight loss.

In the meantime, be proud of yourself for taking positive steps to improve your health.

DEIANEIRA Posts: 135
11/17/11 9:28 P

I am frustrated today. I have been following my calories and pretty good, although I need to up my carbs and proteins. I have averaged around 1000-1100 cals per day. When I stepped on the scales this morning they read a pound heavier than when I started. I'm assuming that if I get my carbs and proteins higher and start eating breakfast that it will change? Do I need to up my calories to 1200? I know that the medicine I take encourages weight gain so that is also an issue. Ideas?

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