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need substitution for oil in a banana bread recipe

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Posts: 614
6/23/10 8:01 A

Pureed prunes or applesauce work well. Check out my healthy living blog at the site below for exercise, wellness and nutrition tips! I also keep a photo food diary!

Posts: 12,356
6/23/10 4:35 A

A lot of other quick bread recipes substitute banana for part of the oil, so just using an extra banana works in place of some. One of my banana bread recipes uses 4 bananas in place of the usual 3, and yogurt in place of most of the oil.

If the concern is the type of fat, you can use mashed avocado in place of butter. It sounds weird, but it really works with any tropical fruits. It's good in banana bread, and fantastic with citrus.

When I lighten baked good recipes, though, I don't like to take out all the oil, so I take out a bit of the sugar and leave a little fat. With banana bread, if you bake the bananas until they're very soft before you peel them and then add a little cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla to the recipe, you can leave out about half the sugar.

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Posts: 1,079
6/22/10 10:32 P

I use apple sauce as well. I have also heard about yogurt but have never tried it.

Posts: 3,545
6/22/10 6:57 P

I keep hearing about subbing apple sauce for oil. Though I haven't tried it :)

Posts: 2,403
6/22/10 6:56 P


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Posts: 943
6/22/10 3:48 P

Wow! Thank you to everyone for the comments. I can't wait to try some of these.

Posts: 17,878
6/22/10 2:25 P

I use low fat mayonaise the smell and the taste burns off in the oven and the oil consistency remains healthy as it doesn't change to saturated when heated up like all other oils..

Posts: 261
6/22/10 2:07 P

apple sauce or plain yogourt-I prefer the applesauce-use the same amount as you would oil in the recipe.

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Posts: 1,960
6/22/10 1:06 P

I love the cooking light recipe. It's called mom's banana bread. It uses sour cream.

Posts: 1,255
6/22/10 12:44 P

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Posts: 1,539
6/22/10 12:41 P

Apple sauce or just cut 1/2 the oil.

Posts: 738
6/22/10 12:05 P

I prefer nonfat plain yogurt for my bread recipes (including brownies) and applesauce for my cookie recipes. I have substituted both for oil and butter. I also substitute egg whites for whole eggs and I add ground flax to just about everything. My kids never know the difference!

Posts: 659
6/22/10 12:02 P

I also use applesauce in my muffin recipes. It works well and they are really moist.

Posts: 90
6/22/10 12:00 P

In my banana bread, I use vanilla nonfat yogurt in place of butter. Not sure how it would work subbing for oil, but it's worth a shot!

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Posts: 551
6/22/10 11:44 A

I use sunflower or olive oil and substitute a 1/4 of amount called for with lemon juice.

Posts: 280
6/22/10 11:44 A


SparkPoints: (40,763)
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Posts: 943
6/22/10 11:40 A

I need to find a substitution for oil in my banana bread recipe. I would like to lighten my current recipe.

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