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2/8/13 1:16 P

sounds like you made a yummy, balanced breakfast and lunch... yay! and great advice on bringing the boyfriend to see the dietitian... he or she will get you on a great plan for weight loss that goes along with your diabetes... good luck!

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2/8/13 12:49 P

I wouldn't worry about that 3# "gain" too much - your weight can fluctuate that much (or more) over the course of a day based on how much water you are retaining at any given time. If you gain in 2-3 consecutive weeks, then ok, time to re-evaluate your calorie intake.

Plus One for the super-supportive boyfriend! Maybe when you make your dietitian appointment, he would want to go along with you? Since he seems very interested in helping you with your menu choices, it may be of benefit to have him listening-in and asking questions, so he can continue to be supportive of your efforts within the confines of your dietary requirements.

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2/8/13 12:16 P

i do have a dietician but i havent been to see her in a long time. Thank you for the my meal plan so far has consisted of 2 whole wheat pieces of toast with a tsp of margarine and 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then for lunch i had a piece of sole lightly breaded with lemon/pepper, 6 little mini potatoes (so about 1 medium potato) with mushrooms, onions, and green beans sauted with garlic salt and pepper. so i am not too sure if that is kinda the right track

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2/8/13 11:35 A

Ah, but sweat is not a sign of effectiveness. Sweating just means you're hot; it isn't an indicator of how hard you're working. It's not bad, it's not good... it just is.

You DO need to be strength training to build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, and help the fat you DO have look better. He's right about that much. Core strength (ab training) is important for all the exercise you do. Full-body strength training is critical for a complete fitness program.

I agree that you do not need to be taking diet advice from him. He means well, but your unique medical needs mean that you are at risk from complications. I would talk to a Registered Dietician, and track your calories accurately. Even when eating healthy food, you can overeat, and continue to gain weight. Your medical issues mean that you need to see a doctor, and get clearance for your exercise, as well as a referral for your dietician.

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2/8/13 11:25 A

First of all, if you are diabetic, insulin dependant, you must NEVER take nutrition advice from anyone, including your boyfriend! You MUST follow a diet plan laid out by a Diabetic Dietitian! Please seek advice from your doctor or the dietitian asap!

if all you are doing is cardio (not strength training) and are gaining weight, and you are sure it is not due to TOM etc, then look at the amount of calories you are consuming...

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2/8/13 11:20 A

i am a 35 year old female. 231lbs, 5'5". i am also type 2 diabetic insulin dependent.

currently my boyfriend (who is a bodybuilder) has me doing treadmill for 30 minutes 5x a week as well as wants me to do resistance bands and ab training.

i really prefer doing wii fit and wii boxing instead as i find i sweat more.

the foods he has me eating is basically just fish, lean steak, boneless chicken, broccoli, potato, green beans.

the only supplement he has me taking is green tea extract because i don't like coffee.

even with his help i continue gain weight (3lbs this week).

is he telling me the wrong advice?

need help A.S.A.P.

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