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4/25/13 9:41 A

We had pork chops last night and I seem to like eating sweet potato with pork chops. We had corn too.

When I meal plan my dinners I first choose a meat then I choose 2 vegetable sides to go with it (trying to make sure not to have 2 starchy sides in one meal, but it happens). Occasionally I will throw in a roll too especially if the meal is too light like when we eat salmon or tilapia.

Then we always cook enough for dinner to eat the same for lunch the next day.

For breakfast I just rotate a lot of things and fix whatever I am feeling that morning or whatever I have time for. Cereal, Oatmeal, Grits, Smoothie, Scrambled eggs... and I try to have a fruit with breakfast. I also try to eat fruit for snacks.

Hope this helps you!

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4/24/13 6:20 P

Think of yourself as TWO people. One is YOU, the NANNY, and the other is YOU the CHILD. Let the NANNY work out the child's menu based on good nutrition, and then eat it.

What are you doing in the day that is taking your mind off meals? Do you get quite engrossed in things and just forget to eat? IF that is the case, then it might be worth working on that aspect of your life - set an alarm to remind you to eat a meal and snacks.


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4/24/13 6:14 P

I do our meals one week in advance...

I also have brought a index card (with the spirals) and labeled it MEAL PLANS, then I would make the shopping list for those items like example

Like I would put
Pizza Fondu- shopping list: pizza sauce, ground turkey 1lb (for a family of 4), block of cheese (to be shredded) french bread or dippin chips

Pita Pockets-
Shopping list- Ham, Turkey (to be cubed) Lettuce, Ceasear dressing,croutons, Parmesan and cheddar cheese, pita pocket bread.

I now have over 300 receipes made up and we go through them depending on the food budget and how time is pressed for the week, knowing how certain days we need something quick and easy than other days..

I always make sure we have our veggies for supper and the fruits for the breakfast and lunches, protein of some sort for each meal, carbs and fat. like if we know we are going to have pork chops, We will also plan out the side dishes as well..
Most our meals range in the 150-500 calorie...

with each meal we also make extra servings so my hunny can take it to work the next day

When I know what we are going to have for dinner we make a dinner list and cross it off that way we know what we have left for groceries and no food gets wasted... we will post it on the fridge for everyone to see... that way we don't hear from the kids WHATS FOR SUPPER?? All they know is that one of those meals will be cooked for the night LOL

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4/24/13 5:06 P

I plan my meals in advance and find it helps me get my nutrients and meet my calorie goals. I keep some things on hand to snack on depending on my calorie needs. I usually have greek yogurt, a couple kinds of nuts that I love to mix with raisins, and easy crunchy snacks like cut up veggies, pretzels and popcorn. I don't do as well if I eat and then just do my tracker. And then it's too late to change.

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4/24/13 11:56 A

Thanks Becky great ideas!!! emoticon

4/23/13 8:36 P

Meal planning and a grocery list is key for me too.

If you plan pork chops then think what would round out that meal: 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup rice pilaf, 15 grapes.

If you plan meat loaf round it out with a small baked potato, a side salad, and a serving of strawberries for dessert.


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4/23/13 7:13 P

wow awesome idea,I have made 4 weeks worth of meals to grocery shop buy lately and it's working out well but this sounds like a huge help!!!! Thanks,
Allie emoticon

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4/23/13 5:25 P

I have an extensive recipe list that I refer to on Thursday. I select what I would like to make for the upcoming weekend/work week. On Thursdays I check our local grocery store ads to see what is on sale and what Buy One Get One Free offers they are making. Then I finalize my menu for the following week, which begins on Saturday evening. Saturday morning I do my grocery shopping and then I start to cook on Saturday and Sunday for the weekend. All leftovers (and I plan for that) are used to take to breakfast/lunch for the upcoming work week.

I hope this helps you get better organized.

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4/23/13 4:33 P

I have had only a little over 500 cals. today and it's almost dinner time!!!! ugh!!! I love veggies,stk,ckn and pork chops(occassionally),also eat meatloaf,chili,and rst. beef!!!! So why can't I plan a balanced plate???? I don't know why,just doesn't happen!!! Seems like I only plan and then it doesn't work out that way!!!!
I was a nanny for 33 yrs. I know all about fixing meals for kids and nutritional values but can't seem to do it for me!!

Any meal suggestions would be welcome as I am suppose to get 1200 to 1850 cals. a day!!!

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