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10/26/12 8:19 P

At your age, you should RICE it and then assess it. If it is still causing troubles, get it checked out by a doctor. That being said, Glucosimine has worked for me and I was having lots of "dry bone" aches for years. I am 59 so what I have may very well NOT be what you have. Even then, I've heard many older folks with joint problems that have tried Glucosimine that found it didn't work. Some even had side effects. So while this seems to be getting the go ahead from many in the medical profession, it still is not the magic pill for everyone.

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10/25/12 5:12 A

It is only too much if it hurts...If it is comfortable now after resting it, then I would start out slow again and test it. One other thing you might want to check is your shoes...making sure that you have good running/walking shoes that alone could make all the difference in the world. Good luck to you!

10/24/12 11:20 P

Each body is different but honestly no, I don't think that sounds like too much. I would really look into a supplement that supports healthy bone & joints. doTERRA has an amazing vitamin line called Life Long Vitality (all organic). I started taking it about 3 months ago & have noticed a VAST improvement. My normal every day pain in my ankles (from previous fractures) has subsided, allowing me to increase my distance & speed. Am I out running marathons? No, but I definitely have more energy, less pain & in general feel better. I've even noticed that I'm not recovering for as long after my LDR either, which is good news for my Vizsla! Good luck!!

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10/24/12 9:23 P

thanks for the answers!
i used the walk/jog your way 5k training program, which i think was a pretty good increase. it was challenging, but not impossible. now i just kinda walk/jog about 3 mi about 3 times a week. does that seem like too quick of an increase?
and i don't take any supplements other than having a really healthy diet.

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10/24/12 6:27 A

I have Osteoarthritis and the only thing I have found that helps (other than medication) with joint pain is to isolate and work the stability and major muscles around the joint in question. The muscles act as a shock absorber taking the brunt of force rather than the joint taking the force. If running is causing the pain, I would do what others have stated, work your way up slowly those muscles will gradually get stronger as a result and add some ST to your workout.

10/23/12 10:08 P

What the Coach said could be right on, adding too much distance or increasing your speed, can often cause aches and pains that you're not used to. Never run through the pain, it can definitely lead to bigger problems. Do you take any type of supplements other than Vitamin D? Sometimes, it's a combination of nutritional deficiencies and the exercise regimen. Making sure your nutrition is adequate is equally as important to support your bones and joints, which oftentimes we just can't get enough, so people supplement.

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10/22/12 5:56 P


My suggestion is to stop running until you are pain free for a solid week and then slowly build up your mileage. It could be that you increased your mileage faster than your body has had the chance to adapt.

One should never run through pain as this may cause you to unknowingly change your running gait which could create bigger issues up and down your kinetic chain. Protein helps repair muscle, but I am not aware that it offers a lubricating effect. I also would not recommend taking Vit D, unless you are advise by your healthcare provider.

Coach Nancy

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10/22/12 5:46 P

I recently started running more than I ever really have before (only 3 miles, but still...) and I've been at it for about 5 weeks. Within the last week or so I've been experiencing pain in my left hip and knee joints. I've been told protien helps with lubricating cartilage and that vit D is good for swelling. Are either of these true? Does anyone have any other recomendations?

I'm only 26 and I weigh about 135 if that helps.. :(

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