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7/5/13 9:37 A

I'm probably too late too, but in future, sandwiches do keep. If you want tuna or something with mayo, just bring a lunch bag with one of those ice packs. that will keep a tuna sandwich for 3-4 hours. And well, the fact is, when I was in grammar school, we kept tuna sandwiches in our desk until lunch. I didn't die from food poisoning. none of us did.

So, a sandwich is a nice portable lunch option. If it were winter, I'd recommend putting some soup into a thermos. granola bars or fresh fruit for snacks. It's only a day. You can always have a nourishing meal when you get home. Don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

AND... even if you do end up at a place like McDonalds or some other fast food joint, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. You do the best you can and don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect.

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7/5/13 3:32 A

This won't help for today, but it MAY for the future.

I have things like meat patties, cooked and in the freezer. I make my own and puree veges down and put them into the meat mix. My husband had Crohn's Disease and one thing we noticed when it was active was that so long as the veges were pureed down, he didn't have much of a problem. I also had sandwiches made up and in the freezer - things like Lamb with a little thick, concentrated mint sauce, and a little grated cheese. (Often those who can't eat dairy can still eat cheese and/or yoghurt.) Roast Beef is another with a little horseradish sauce. I put them in a small cooler bag. They are great eaten cold, and when it is hot, they are safe because they start the day frozen and by the time you eat them for lunch, they are cold but thawed.

I hope that you managed well and didn't starve or aggravate your IBS.


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7/4/13 10:15 P

I'm not sure if your diet can include them... but I find Zone Bars (220 calories) which are quite nicely balanced with Carb/Fat/Protein to be pretty good. Another Item I used to take for my lunch was "canned Green Bean salad"....just drain, put into a container with a bit of low fat Italian dressing. I wouldn't be overly concerned about keeping that cold, since the dressing has a bit of vinegar base in it. Peanut butter and crackers have gotten me through many a hiking trip! Its nicest if you have a small container to take the PB in, and make them just when you are ready to eat them....

You can freeze a small ice block into a plastic container tonight: (about 1' deep): the lid keeps it from leaking and it will last much longer than ice cubes!

I'm sure you'll have more suggestions!!

PS...just read you don't have containers....hmmm....take the whole can of beans and a can-opener! I'll bet you eat better than a lot of folks tomorrow!! You can freeze the ice into a plastic ziplock just as well as a hard container too.

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Ohh I wish I had thought of containers! We dont have any and I wont be home till after midnight then off to work at 7am...thank you though I will pick some up for next time!

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7/4/13 10:03 P

My husband takes a lunch to work everyday and never refrigerates it. We use the fit and fresh containers with the ice packs or you can just throw a bag of ice in your lunch bag. This way you could make a salad, have some yogurt, boiled eggs are good choices, peanut butter and banana, make a sandwich. I wouldn't skip breakfast. Even if you ate a banana with peanut butter or a boiled egg and a banana. Something is better than nothing.

Not sure if this helped at all for suggestions. Good luck! I guess the healthier the choice the better.

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7/4/13 9:30 P

I am working 8-3 tomorrow. I have no time for breakfast before I leave ( I get home at midnight tonight and have to be on the road ny 7am). We are having a power outage at work ( planned). So...I need choices that require no refidgeration or microwaving that I can eat! I can get to the grocery store but no restaurants. I have IBS and cannot eat fruits and veggies except maybe bananas unless they are cooked. I have thought of tuna but will need more than this for the day! Anything else4? I also can't have dairy. Usually I would bring frozen dinners. I do not want to end up eating a box of crackers or cookies or loaf of bread beause I am famishe.

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