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3/29/14 7:44 P

Yes, thank you, I did see the thing in fitness tracker that you speak of. It just seems a bit high on the calories burned as opposed to what I think i actually burned. I researched a bit and did come up with a more modest/conservative total.

Thanks again! :)
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3/29/14 6:10 P

There is an entry in the fitness tracker "Moving: carrying boxes".

But be aware that the tracker assumes continuous activity. But it sounds like what you were doing was stop-start in nature, so you should probably trim the time back to 3-4 hours when entering it into the tracker.


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3/29/14 1:04 P

Just to be clear, no, I do not sit on my behind all day. I do exercise every day...and quite a bit at that. I was just trying to get a clearer understanding of what it might be put under in the fitness tracker. This was just an instance where I was standing the whole time, helping others and moving a few lightweight boxes, bags, etc., here and there and never sitting down at all. And while I'm no way a sedintary person anymore, this is Not a normal day for me. I'll figure it out.


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3/29/14 9:52 A

You could google calories burned standing vs sitting (if, during a normal day, you mostly sit for hours)-- sounds like the majority of what you were doing was that. I reckon the differential would depend at least somewhat on your weight. And then in your Fitness Tracker, there's the option for entering your own exercise. When you click on that, it opens a window where you can name it (ie, volunteer at school), put the minutes you did it, and the calories burned.

Although your legs might feel like they do after a power walk-- you did not burn the calories you would've for a power walk. Because you didn't get your heart rate up. If I entered it in my Tracker, I'd be very conservative about the amount of calories burned. To me, it's a real "gray area" where I'd want to be really careful not to overestimate. I'd probably use the lowest possible estimate of the difference between sitting vs standing.

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3/28/14 6:59 P

Ok so I was on my feet, standing, moving around, occasionally lifting lightweight boxes never sitting down, for approx 3 hours straight. Took a break and then was back at it again for another 3 hours. This is not a normal day for I was volunteering at my child's school event. How do I track this? I know I burned calories and my legs hurt like when I go on long, power walks. Does anyone know how to put this in the fitness tracker?

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