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1/26/13 4:58 P

Hi, Welcome to SP!! You will learn so much here & by following the recommendations for nutrition & fitness, you will amaze yourself at what you can achieve!

When I started out, I used my son's Wii Fit and purchased the Walk Away The Pounds dvds
They are pretty cheap at Walmart or Ebay. And i have found other workouts at thrift stores, yard sales. That way if I don't like them or can't do them, I'm not out a lot of money.
Right now, if you have none of these, I bet you have a radio-find you a lively station & just walk/dance in your living room! I have done that & still walk to my favorite Bruce Springsteen cds!

Try different things-you will find what works best for you!!

Glad you've joined us!!! emoticon

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1/26/13 1:11 P

Sparks is a wonderful site. It offers so much for Free. Exercise videos, support groups, diet plans w/calorie counters, exercise demos and how many calories you burn with each exercise. I started out with no equipment. Try the exercise videos. There are ones that will work for starting out right up to advanced.

Here are some links to get you started:

1. Getting Started

2. Video on An Overview of SparksPeople Community

3. Earn SparkTrophies for Reaching Your Goals

4. Video: How to Use Sparks Fitness Tracker

5. How to use SparksPeople Nutrition Tracker

Once again..Welcome! And remember to check out the groups!


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1/26/13 12:58 P

When I started Spark People, I had no equipment. I used 2 equal sized cans of soup as hand weights and used them at home doing the Spark People Core, Upper, & Lower Body Exercises. I walked up and down my stairs, did jumping jacks, danced to fast music - making sure I contorted my body & moved my feet enough to work different muscle groups - for cardio, and did the modified walking lunges throughout the day while I did my chores. Later, I purchased an inexpensive set of wrist wieghts & ankle weights. That way, as I lost weight, I tricked my body into thinking I still weighed the same so it wouldn't slow down any. I wore them at home while exercising & cleaning. I walked the entire perimeter of the large stores, INSIDE, and walked in malls, which are safer. Find a buddy or a group of people who have the same goals as you - do the walks together - have danc parties - play softball - run in the sand - etc. You can do it.

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Goal weght 150 lbs

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1/25/13 7:43 P

Hi and welcome to SparkPeople!!

Just wondering of you have tried any of the videos that are offered on this site?? There are a lot to choose from and they require minimal or no equipment.

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1/25/13 5:29 P

emoticon ....Im 28 yrs old and i weigh 246 pds...I have no equipment at all...and i dnt excatly live in a neighborhood u would want to "go for a walk in" plzzz help...i want to loose at least 8pds a month my goal is to be 150 pds

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