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If you feel like you have a bit of energy, take a walk. The fresh air will do you some good. If you're still stuffed up and it's difficult to breathe, you may want to lay off any exercise for a couple more days until you can breathe. You won't derail any of your efforts at good health or weight loss because you have to take a few more days off.

Personally, I do find that a pot of tea helps me feel better. Keep pushing those fluids and try to get some rest. Rest is really what your body needs most to fight those germs.

Do over the counter drugs work ? The only one that seemed to help me (oddly enough) is Alka Seltzer. They do have a cold/flu version. I take a shot of that plus the tea. I'm better in a couple of days.

Of course, I've also had bronchitis that left me sick for 3+ weeks. If a germ has your name on it, some times you just have to wait it out.

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12/24/12 11:02 A

ok, to all of you who may have some good ideas, i have had the flu for a week now, every part of it is gone except the stuffy nose and the congestion in my chest. I want to go back to working out but need to get rid of this, any suggestions??

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