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2/3/12 12:16 P

thank you everyone.. i am very new to all of this so still learning what i can and cant eat or have to limit...

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2/2/12 8:49 P

Eat more healthy fats and protein. Peanut butter, nuts, lean meat, eggs. There are plenty of non-carb foods.

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2/2/12 8:41 P

Do you have a food tracker we can look at?

There are lots of foods that have protein and fat yet very little carbs.

Meats, fish, nuts, eggs are basic examples.

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2/2/12 8:25 P

Bagels or any processed foods including weight gainers. If your into body building in which case weight gainers usually have the appropriate BCCA's to go anolg wiith the carbs. Carbs alone are great food for your fat cells.

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2/2/12 8:07 P


I am on a low carb diet plan and it is working well but i am having a hard time reaching the min 1200 calories for the day. i don't go over on my carbs but i really don't want to increase my carb intake. does anyone have any suggestions?


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