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12/2/12 6:17 P

You scale measures the force of gravity on you at a certain specific time, the time you are on the scale period. Do it another time of day and it will tell something different. Use your measurements and clothes fit to asses where you are and do a Tony Soprano with your scale , send it to swim with the fishes. A scale is an instrument invented by the devil to torment the unsuspecting so exorcise it.

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12/2/12 4:18 P

hey everyone, thank yall SO much! your replies where awsome and realy made me feel so much better about everything, i truely appreciate it! it realy puts it in perspective about the 5pound gain/loss in 3 days of how the body will fluctuate.

i geuss from going so long and so hard and always seeing the scale drop over a months time, the first time i see it actualy go up when trying to maintain, it just kinda freaked me out big time! all the thoughs just kept replaying in my head (oh god can i do this? all the hard works just going to blow away, ect, ect) but when i think about it, and how i felt getting out of bed that am, i realy felt better than i had at 158 the month before and it could have been in my head but sware even my jeans seemed a tad bit looser, or definantly wernt tighter.

so thank you everyone, i still think i will get on the scale once a month just to make sure things dont get crazy out of hand (10-15+) but hearing this has realy helped me to relize to not "freak out" if i fluctuate up even as much as 5-6lbs, love this site!

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12/2/12 1:51 P

I am in a bad habit of weighing MULTIPLE times a day. but at least i know what to expect from the daily adjustments.
I try to keep it within a 3-5 lb range of where I like to be.

The last few months have been frustrating since I have been gaining a slight bit every month. BUT I had to realize that I am older, I am doing everything I can, I was able to wear a 2 piece suit this summer to the beach! and not bad for being 39. I am still a size 8 pants. Just keep looking at all the things you can do now.


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12/2/12 1:43 P

I totally get how you feel.and thanks for putting this question out there.the answers are great.

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12/2/12 12:57 P

I agree with the two previous posters. If the scale is getting you down that much, maybe you could do without one? Think about the other things you can "measure" that gauge your personal fitness and health. You can take actual body measurements, note how your energy level compares to what it was before, complete fitness tests every so often to track your endurance, etc. As long as you keep making wise nutrition and exercise choices, you should be fine without the help (or stress!) that comes along with an actual scale. :)

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12/2/12 12:52 P

A scale measures how much you weigh. It does not measure your value as a person or your level of health and fitness. And I agree with the other poster. If it bothers you that much, DON'T ever step on it. More valid guides on your journey are your measurements at various sites and your body fat percentage, which you can get tested using calipers at most gyms.

Frankly, I don't worry about anything more or less than 3 pounds either way. You could have had something too salty or, sorry for being too blunt, need to take a really good poop. You could have been slightly dehydrated the last time you weighed yourself. If I bump up my routine and go really hard, I've gone up as much as 5 pounds as my glycogen stores get filled up or muscle is repairing. I take a few days off and I'm down those 5 pounds. Did I really lose 5 pounds in three days? Nope. That's why we need to stop being such slaves to the scale.

You are NOT the number on the scale. It being higher or lower does not make you good or bad or more loveable. Throw it away.

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12/2/12 12:41 P

Throw away your scale.

I don't own one, and I maintain based on 2 factors:

1) can I do everything I want to do physically?
2) do I look the way I want to in my favourite clothes?

If the answer to either question is no, then I make a plan to get back on the right track.

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12/2/12 12:26 P

hey guys and girls, i realy need your help or was hoping to get some tips on what you do. i have been dieting hard for over a year now and have finaly reached where im happy and trying to maintain. i only weigh myself once a month and thats because when i did it sooner i always saw my weight fluctuate and i would get discouraged but if i waited a month i always saw a drop.

well im at the point of maintaining and my last and lowest weight was 158.6 and i went a month of "maintaining" (trying to keep my calories around my bmr) but honestly i was probly still keeping it lower to be safe. well that morning going to weigh, i felt better than i had the month before, i liked how i looked in the mirror that morning the most i have yet, but when i got to the gym to weigh i was 160.6...and idk why but that realy has been upsetting me the last few days :( its all i think about and just realy upsets me. i relize the body will fluctuate weight up to a cpl pounds without gaining "fat" but im trying to get where im not so upset if i see the weight go up within reason.

if i would have never got on the scale that am, i would have felt alot better about myself that day/ last couple of days so im asking, what do yall do to not let the scale drive you nuts? i try to think of it as a science, that i know if my bodys bmr is about 1750 and i keep my daily calories at that or a tad under, i wont gain fat, and that helps me some but its still fustrating when you see it go up.

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