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4/6/11 10:20 A

I would follow exactly what your doctor stated. If you are allowed to start adding some new items some ideas for protein
String cheese
cottage cheese
Hope you feel better

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4/6/11 10:19 A

If you're eating small amounts overall, the broth probably has enough protein to keep you more balanced than you think. I wouldn't go trying to add protein foods that the doctor hasn't approved, because even when they're bland, high-protein foods tend to take some work to digest. Meat, dairy, and beans can make sensitive people feel queasy even when they're not specifically sick, so adding them when you're already having tummy issues can create new problems. You kind of have to do the same thing here that you would do about exercise if you had sprained your ankle: listen to your doctor and don't try to rush the healing.

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4/6/11 9:47 A

Here is a resource that might help --

Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

There may be a few ideas here as well but care will be necessary depending on what medically is going on.

How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat
A Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources

Coach Tanya

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4/6/11 7:51 A

well, the standard sick diet is the brat diet [bananas rice applesauce toast]. personally bananas and rice appall me, but if you can, it's something else to eat. i like to start adding sunflower seeds [very mild, small, and not a huge flavor]. and i also like to start putting butter on the toast and saltines [it adds some cals quickly, which you generally need more of in these situations, at least if you are me]. pasta and potatoes are a good next step too, and plain chicken [if you eat chicken]. once you get more of these basics, you can branch out. for me, i like starting to add teriyaki sauce [it helps clear out my head], but you do so very lightly at first while you start incorporating more things in. beans and lentils also generally don't have much oomph and are good choices. for me, if i am at this point, it's easy to add in mixed vegetables [the frozen kind]. they go well in broth and with pasta, and get you some of the nutrients you have been lacking. if you buy the kind with lima beans, they tend to have more protein.
nut butter is also a good addition, but as with anything, you add it in lightly [ie, don't put 2 Tablespoons on your toast, start wit a teaspoon and see how it hits you].

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4/5/11 10:14 P

I'm having tummy trouble (yes I have consulted my doctor about this) and I'm on a bland diet (toast, tea, broth, saltines). I've been on it for almost a week, and I'm definitely feeling weird about a diet that is all carbs. I know I'm only supposed to be worried about feeling better, but I'm looking for some protein ideas. I'm thinking that my body needs more complete nutrients. I can't eat eggs or yogurt. I've tried tofu and fish and they haven't really worked out. Any suggestions?

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