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8/20/11 4:59 P

Yeah, Joan! You deserve to feel confident in yourself, as well as your ability to design a good exercise routine for yourself. It can be done..

8/20/11 4:28 P

After reading through everyone's comments and going through sparkpeople web page it made me realize that I am the only one responsible for me. So I got on my bike and just rode 13 miles and it felt great. I emailed the PT and said no thank you, I have already paid for 3 PT in the past and I just dont stick to it. So I have to just figure out a way to keep going and not give up, this web page seems very helpful and alot of people are on here, so Im going on my own, not paying anybody anymore, I will just reward myself with the money Im saving. I set a goal to lose 22 pounds by December 1, 2011 which I think is obtainable. Thanks for everyone's comments, they really helped.

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8/20/11 3:29 P

If you already belong to a gym they usually have a free training session with a trainer. You could try it out then see if its something that you feel you must do. I would first start going to the gym at least 2x a week because the trainer is going to make you see them at least 2x a week. I had one trainer that i loved! Matt was great he really motivated me and i was in great shape. But then he moved and they guy who replaced him was a meat head! He would talk to girls at the gym when we were working out. I kept him for about a month then never looked back. So make sure you like the person also. And if you are already a gym member they probably have classes that you can take with your membership like spin classes or whatever. If you are already paying for a membership see what you can do with it before spending more money.

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8/20/11 2:33 P

I am learning that diet and exercise go hand in hand to win this battle. The two bring the balance scale to a level

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8/20/11 1:57 P

Hey Joan. I totally feel your pain. I recently hired a personal trainer. It's expensive but I think its worth the money. He shows me all sorts of exercises that I would never know to do and pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. He also monitors my nutrition. A lot of trainers do consultations for free and some will give you a discounted rate if you bring a friend along. I go 3 times a week but I think even if I only say him one time a week I would reap the benefits. Good luck! You're on the right track!

8/20/11 1:13 P

I am just not consistent with anything, I do really well and then go downhill. I bought a bike in January and really enjoy riding it several times a week. I guess I was thinking a PT would keep me motivated since I have a constant problem with them.

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8/20/11 1:05 P

The biggest part of weight management is nutrition. Exercise has enormous benefits but you cannot out exercise a bad diet.
Are you drinking adequate water, having 5-7 servings of fresh fruit and veggies every day? Deleting processed food?
I lost 50 pounds with walking and free weight exercises and no trainer. So can you!

8/20/11 1:01 P

why do I find it necessary to even think about hiring a personal trainer to come to my house when I already belong to a gym and have tons of workout tapes and equipment at my home. I really dont even have the money to pay them, except my little bit of savings that I have left. I need to loose the 40 pounds that I keep gaining and loosing, Im 52 and feel at wits ends.

Any advise?

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