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8/22/10 1:39 A

Hormel brand has a lunchmeat line called "natural choice". It is nitrate free and lower in sodium. I get mine at walmart when it is on sale and freeze what I will not use within the week.

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8/21/10 10:06 P

thanks for the suggestions I was looking for one myself..

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8/21/10 8:46 P

Butterball makes a low sodium turkey breast in the deli section.

Maria from PA :)

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8/21/10 3:14 P

You could try buying a fresh or frozen turkey breast and cooking and slicing it yourself. That way it would be less processed and should have less sodium. You can even slice it and then freeze it in weekly portions for later.


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8/20/10 2:57 P

Walmart deli sometimes has low sodium turkey breast. I really don't notice any difference in taste.

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8/20/10 2:48 P

Do you have a Trader Joes near you? They do a packaged sliced turkey lunch meat which is reduced sodium and tastes awesome. I buy it every week and have it on sliced toast... mmmmm.

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8/20/10 2:19 P

I like my processed turkey or chicken - but I much prefer fresh cooked turkey or chicken when it comes to making up lunch option, much less sodium costs less as well and is much healthier for you then the processed stuff.

That being said the dressings you add to it can also kill the healthy side if the dressings are high cal or high sodium, which is why I tend to add 1 tsp of mayo and a dash of miss dash works well in the falvouring and then I can heap it with lettuce tomato and any other veggies I like

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8/20/10 2:06 P

After keeping track of my food on Sparkpeople, I've noticed that I keep getting dangerously close to going over my sodium RDA-a very easy thing to do! I know a lot of us struggle with too much sodium in our diets. For me, I can tell because it leaves me feeling bloated and sluggish the next day. Here's my question-I love sliced turkey lunch meat on sandwiches but I've noticed there's TONS of sodium in the packaged one like the Oscar Meyer I usually get. Is there a difference between these pre-packaged ones and going to the deli to get something fresh sodium-wise? If anyone can recommend a brand that has a lot less sodium, that'd be great, thanks!

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