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3/23/13 9:19 P

I agree with everyone else here - you have to make sure your body is taking in nutrients through your day, regardless of which hours you are awake. Working an overnight shift puts so much more stress on your body and brain, it's important to make sure it gets what it needs so that it doesn't cause added health problems for you. Sparkpeople even has an article about it
ss_articles.asp?id=217 (if it lets me post the link)

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3/23/13 6:23 P

My Mother had that schedule and it was very trying on her health. I agree that you need to eat at regular intervals as if you were on a traditional type routine. Get as much sleep as you can too!

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,165
3/23/13 5:26 P

I used to do a regular night-shift in a Rest Home. YES, you DO need to eat. Make sure that you get some quality protein and good carbs like wholegrains and fruit/veges into your meal, plus some little snacks.

I found when I did night-shift I got less sleep that I would when working days. You might find that you need a little more food to accommodate that if this is the case. Make sure that it is healthy and you are not grabbing the easy quick-fixes.


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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/23/13 2:31 P

When would you eat if you didn't eat lunch at 3am?

The clock doesn't matter.

Your body needs food, and like all bodies will do well from a pre-work breakfast meal, a during-work lunch filler, and an after-work evening meal.

Whether these are at 'normal' times or alternate times is irrelevant.

Presumably if you work 10pm-7am you sleep when others work. That's when most people would have 'lunch', but you're asleep and can't then.

It also doesn't matter, btw, if you have breakfast type foods first thing and dinner type foods at the end of your day or vice versa. If it suits your home/family arrangements to have steak and vegies at 6pm and cereal and bananas at 8am, then do that. Provided you feel satisfied and happy on that plan.

3/23/13 2:21 P

If you are hungry, you absolutely should eat. Skipping meals is never a good idea. Just because you are on a different schedule from other people doesn't mean your body's needs are different.

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3/23/13 1:49 P

i work overnight..10pm-7am..lunch from2-3 or 3-4..should i eat anything at this time or not. I do have a job that keeps me on constant movement and very active.

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