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7/11/13 3:27 P

It does sound a lot like ny friend who has b 12 deficiency, but I agree to ask a doctor. I think a complete overall physical might be in order too?

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7/11/13 12:33 P

If you're still tracking your foods here, then your docs may find copies of a few pages and of the nutrients-over-time reports extremely useful. This is especially true if you have been tracking some of the micronutrients (iron, B12, sodium, calcium, folate, etc).

If you have copies of any test results (bloodwork, MRI's, CT's, etc) that were performed by your other docs, it is really useful to bring them with you. Hopefully one of the docs has done a complete vitamin/mineral/electrolyte blood panel along with the CBC and thyroid levels, and you have a copy of the results to give neurology somewhere to start.

I know it's hard to be patient (I'm in a similar situation, but add in frequent fainting --- and don't have a total diagnosis yet after almost a year), but give your docs as much info as you can to help them narrow down the possibilities.

It really is encouraging that you've gotten in to see neurology so quickly - hope they get you feeling better soon!

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7/11/13 9:58 A


As the others have already noted, no one here on SP is remotely qualified to make a medical diagnosis.

One thing you might do is tell your doctor what you've been eating the last few weeks. If you haven't been eating right, it's possilble that a nutritional deficiency of some kind could be causing some of these symptoms. So, if your symptons seem to correspond to a change in diet, your doctor should know.

I know you want to know what's going on, but DO listen to the advice of your doctors first. Hopefully, you'll get some answers quickly.

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7/10/13 7:10 P


SparkPeople experts and members aren't able to provide diagnoses over the internet. Because we are not physicians, familiar with your medical history, it would be inappropriate for anyone to attempt to guess at the cause of your symptoms.

I am glad that you are seeing a variety of medical professionals and specialists, as they are the most qualified to give you medical advice. I also do understand that you are looking for possibilities as to what might be causing your discomfort, but please see what your doctors have to say.

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7/10/13 7:06 P

If your physician and/or endocrinologist can't offer you a diagnosis... I would recommend waiting to delve deeper into this with the neurologist. Nobody here would be qualified to offer an opinion. Those symptoms would be present in an awfully wide range of possible situations and any suggestions you could be offered here would be speculative at best.

7/10/13 6:32 P

Hey all!! Haven't been here in a while but maybe you can help me out on something. Over the past few weeks, I've been experiencing extreme muscle numbing, shaking and fatigue. I've cut our caffeine a while back and I'm on no stimulants whatsoever. I try to force myself to get physical activity in but my body just isn't having it. :(

I went to an endocrinologist yesterday and my throid levels were completely normal. Scheduled a neurologist appointment for Monday so we will see how that goes. I think I've researched every possible thing I could. Any help?

My symptoms are:
shaking, numbing and twitching of the hands and arms (mostly right side)
memory fog

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