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10/3/11 5:44 P

Fat is mean! I hate it! I am getting married in two weeks and have been working very hard for the last few months and have lost very little. I can feel some inches are off but that damn scale doesn't wanna move as fast as I want it to.
Why do we wanna lose weight to look good in our dresses? We need to be healthy and feel good about ourselves and we will be beautiful!
Keep the pace and keep motivated...never give up but allow yourself a few screw ups is my deal!

10/3/11 5:07 P

my first small step is reducing the carbs i eat and increasing fiber. and finding a good support system.

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10/3/11 10:38 A

Good luck!

You have a goal... what will you do to reach that goal?

10/2/11 8:37 P

getting married June 22, 2013 so I have about a year and a half to lose 85 lbs.... I just have to stay focused and not get sidetracked. I want to look good in my wedding dress.

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