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PMBROWN316 SparkPoints: (2,145)
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1/29/12 10:08 A

WHOO HOO!!!!! So excited.....1st week lost 5 lbs. I am very happy. Even though I struggled, just the subtle changes I made this week has been successful for me. Motivation to keep going!!

One day at a time, one step at a time.
SHEWKI Posts: 22
1/28/12 12:49 P

I do the same....I don't know why I sabotage myself every time I start seeing a change..I don't know the reasons and I fight myself all the time...I journal it but hell I don't even keep up with that...Good luck at pushing past the reasons and reaching your goals ..xx

SANDRALUVSLON SparkPoints: (38,429)
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1/27/12 2:55 P

As everyone else said you are not alone. If you get discouraged come on the boards for inspiration. We can do this.

A day at a time and I will reach my goal. I am not perfect but I will forgive myself for the mistakes I make. Life is full of choices and sometimes we don't always make the best ones but that's what makes us human.
BTSYGRS Posts: 230
1/27/12 2:42 P

Hang in there! We humans have a way of coming back and changing patterns. It is possible at any age. Keep logging on to the boards and you won't feel alone - because you're not! emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,011
1/27/12 12:25 P


SALDAL1 SparkPoints: (17,175)
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1/27/12 3:20 A

Oh I hear you sista!

But this time we're doing it together, and thats the point of difference :)

Lets enjoy this journey. Afterall whats the alternative ... shudder

We need never be alone with our negative thoughts again - just come online for a dose of inspiration! Its awesome :)

Its time to be 'my own best friend'!!! Yuss!!!

PMBROWN316 SparkPoints: (2,145)
Fitness Minutes: (1,213)
Posts: 41
1/27/12 1:09 A

I started this journey 4 days ago. So far I am doing pretty well. I have been eating better, trying to get my diet under control. I have been exercising a little...mostly strength training and a little cardio. I have been a total couch potato for about 20 years so saying I am out of shape is a total understatement!!!! I know that any little thing I change and do is benefitting me. So here is my issue........I am so paranoid because I have done the yo yo thing for years. I start out strong, do well for a couple weeks or a month. Start seeing weight loss etc....and then it happens. I just STOP!.....I quit!!!! .......WHY??? I have never understood that about myself and I am soooo tired of it. I want to be successful. I want to get this weight off and become healthy to play with my grandchildren and do things with my hubby,. I want to get off my meds. I am really loving this program though. But there is this nagging part of me that is know you are gonna just give up again. Anyone else have this problem?????

One day at a time, one step at a time.
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