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JANET7OF8 Posts: 417
5/15/13 10:44 A

I use either Swanson's low sodium or there is sometimes an organic, cage free etc version, but I can't remember the brand name. I was surprised about the amount of sodium the low sodium still has in it. Might have to start making my own.

KSUGIRL93 SparkPoints: (27,193)
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Posts: 85
5/14/13 11:46 P

I usually get what is on sale, but always low sodium, sometimes low fat too. I like my own stock the best, but can ot figure the calories and therefore can not put it in the recipe calculator. So for now I stick to store bought.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
5/6/13 11:23 A

I like to boil a chicken down to make soups, then use the broth for that soup and freeze the rest for soups in the future. After you debone the chicken, you can save the bones and boil them to create more broth, if you want. If I'm using a boxed mix, I like to use Swanson "MSG Free" broths.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
5/5/13 7:33 P

I'm into soup making too. What do you all use for your broth base? I like Kitchen Basics brand and also a local grocery store brand (Publix). I read the ingredients and find many have Msg and hydrogenized foods etc.

KSUGIRL93 SparkPoints: (27,193)
Fitness Minutes: (21,180)
Posts: 85
5/5/13 7:05 P

Hope you upload and share!!! I make at least one big batch of soup ever week to take for lunches to work. I have several recipes that I uploaded and was able to "re-work" into lower calorie versions using the recipe calculator.

JANET7OF8 Posts: 417
5/5/13 6:53 P

Thanks! So much easier.

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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Posts: 349
5/5/13 4:57 P

I make a lot of my own recipes, sometimes with totally random things that others might think are strange :). When this happens, I enter all the ingredients just ONE time, and then turn it into a "group" and make use of the groupings tab frequently. It's only annoying to enter it all in once, but then name it as a group for each time after that.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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Posts: 9,713
5/5/13 4:43 P

Here's a direct link for you. :)

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,744
5/5/13 4:40 P

You did Erica

ERICADURR Posts: 243
5/5/13 4:31 P

If you go to enter your food, you'll see that there are a few tabs right above where you enter the food item of your choice. One of those tabs to the far right says "recipes" and if you click it, you can then click on the option "Access the recipe calculator" which will then open another window in which you can enter your recipes, along with serving sizes, so that you can always click them in the future and not have to enter them again. :) Hope I explained it accurately.

JANET7OF8 Posts: 417
5/5/13 4:20 P

I sometimes make up my own soup recipes. Is there an app I could put all the ingredients in and it would break down the nutritional information for me? Or can I do that here, and I haven't found it yet. I don't want to have to enter each ingredient every time I make it.

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