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2/9/12 4:16 P

I use the tracker because it helps keep me accountable, but I usually alter the menus and occasionally go over by 200 calories or so. Not every day or even every week, but once in awhile if I'm hungry,

Also, I eat what i want on weekends. But I do track it.

The challenge for me is to NOT make this into a deprivation diet. Because if I do, I'll just gain it all back. I lost nearly 30 pounds on WW and kept 20 of it off for two years. So if I can lose 20 here and keep 10 or 15 off, I'll feel pretty good about that.

I think one reason people don't succeed is they diet instead of eat differently. For me the way I think about it matters a lot. I don't want to be food-phobic. emoticon

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2/9/12 2:41 P

In the beginning I felt deficient because calorie counting and tracking are just not for me. If you browse through the teams in the diet category or whatever it's called, you'll find plenty of other approaches, and plenty of SP members doing their own thing, or combination of approaches that work for them.

I know how to count calories and I think it's worthwhile to know about them. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Lots of teams, and the message boards, have people following all kinds of plans, including DIY - you can use Sparkpeople any want to.

I do want to add, use the tracker a few times, just to see the nice reports you get - the pie chart on nutrients and other features. Explore.

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2/4/12 10:44 A

Just starting and trying to use the tracker. I would prefer to use my own diet. I need to add protein and to really eat it. Love Carbs and that is what gets me into trouble.

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2/4/12 8:17 A

There is a wealth of information, tools, and support to be found on Spark People. Tracking food is only a tiny part. Personally, I find that I tend not to track when "I don't care" and eat whatever I want to push away emotions and not think. Tracking my food helps to get me back on track.

Good Luck!

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2/4/12 7:55 A

You have the option of using SP menu or enter you own food. I choose to enter my own food and amounts. Nothing is off limit and it helps me stay on track.

ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
2/3/12 8:04 A

I use the tracker because if I don't, I won't get enough protein and healthy fats and I will eat way too many carbs. The tracker does the math for me and makes it easier. I'm a vegetarian though and it seems like the food suggestions are the same every day with little variation.


2/2/12 5:55 P

I rebelled at writing down what I was eatting. When I finaly broke down and tried it I was amazed at what I was eatting. It was not the amount of food. It was all the empty calories I was consuming. Now I look at the nutritional values of the food. Writing it down just keeps me more aware of what I'm eatting, and more honest with myself.

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JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
2/1/12 8:22 P

If you don't like tracking, try the message boards and teams


SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,020
2/1/12 8:11 P

I use the nutrition tracker as "training wheels". Once I get into the groove of portion control and a truly balanced diet, I can do my own plan and use the Fast Track option to keep track if I feel like it.

After all, if doing my own thing was working all that well, I wouldn't be here!

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,304
2/1/12 5:56 P

"My question is, can this website help me in my weight-loss efforts if I follow my own plan of lifestyle changes?"

I guess you can track your fitness here....

BUT, since weight loss is 80% nutrition, it will be hard to lose without knowing how many calories you are actually putting into your body.

You mention taboo foods... Spark believes ALL food in moderation, nothing off-limits.

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CYNTHIA542 Posts: 8
2/1/12 5:02 P

I know from experience in trying to lose weight over the last 40+ years that I will not count calories or otherwise "track" what I eat. While the SparkDiet works for a lot of people, I believe it willl not work for me. What has worked for me in the past are the Atkins Diet (too strict and limiting) and the South Beach Diet which really makes sense to me.
Motivation is my downfall. I'd really like to adopt a lifestyle of "intuitive eating"... eating what I want in quantities I want, when I want it. I'd like to start out with reducing portions to a 7" plate and having just a bite or two of the formerly taboo foods.
Any food that is listed as taboo is what I will crave and ultimately cause me to binge, leading me to the usual cycle of self-loathing and depression.
My question is, can this website help me in my weight-loss efforts if I follow my own plan of lifestyle changes?

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