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8/25/13 8:48 P

Thank you so much! I will keep on keepin on! :)
Much luck to you as well!

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8/25/13 11:20 A

It sounds like you have a great attitude! Keep it up, and keep participating here on the message boards. It's the key to success!

WOTAGIRLWANTS71 SparkPoints: (716)
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8/23/13 6:17 P

I am 42 yrs old, I watched my father die from so many things, but the main thing I got out of it was keep active. Don't sit down and let life pass you by. Life is so precious and I now realize I am but a candle in a hurricane. I can be snuffed out by so many things, why let my life end earlier than it has to because I love food. Food is my friend. It nourishes my body, and provides the energy I need daily. I can not physically run 10 miles per day like I used to do. It hurts my feet and legs too much now. I must find a balance with my food intake and the exercises I know I can do well. I want to wear all my size 4 clothes again. I felt so damn good about myself when I dropped to a size 4. It was a healthy size 4 , I was strong, and I was amazing. I need to feel pretty like that again. 10 yrs ago now I weighed 132. It was so awesome. Bikini's were my friend again. I need to get the me back that I loved. It is in there someplace. I deserve to feel good about my body, after 2 kids I rocked a bikini. It can be done.

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