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5/19/11 6:58 A


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5/19/11 6:57 A

You are inspiring! All of you who commented ARE inspiring. In April of 2010 I went to a doctor because of an physical issue that had me very concerned. Of course they weighed me, and I was stunned at the weight I saw on the scale! At the doctor's orders, I changed my way of eating. Cut out sugar, white flour, excess fats, most refined products, and over the past year was down forty pounds. Before you say this is great, I lost the major portion of this fat the first part of the year, and hadn't gone down any for six months. When I had a check-up this April, I asked if there was some kind of calorie chart somewhere that would be easy to use, and to be able to dissect home cooking and figure out calories, fat, etc. YAHOO.....was told about SparkPeople! Have been on here since April 26, 2011 and discovered that while I HAD learned to eat more healthy, I hadn't learned portion control. Have started losing weight again, even though it is slow. Appreciate reading your success stories, as I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far to go,, to even be a normal weight. THANK YOU!!!

EEICHEL Posts: 56
5/19/11 6:51 A

What you did is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your excitement ! I really needed that kind of reality check. I was on my way, and lost it the past few months. I forgot about how much better it feels to wear the things you really like+ the energized feeling when the pounds come off! emoticon emoticon

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5/19/11 6:50 A

one step at a time

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5/19/11 6:48 A

I just joined Spark and hope I can achieve what all you ladies have ..

CLAIREINPARIS SparkPoints: (69,004)
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5/19/11 6:47 A

It is so good to read this and so encouraging!!!
Thank you for being an inspiration, and Congratulations!

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5/19/11 6:47 A

very good job! most motivating!!!!

5/19/11 6:45 A

Understanding yourself and your own personal challenges is an important step... Congratulations!

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5/19/11 6:43 A

Congratulations to everyone who has taken the first steps to a new healthy lifestyle! Every journey begins with the first step. We can do this! emoticon

POIROT123 SparkPoints: (17,564)
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5/19/11 6:43 A

Congratulations on finding peace and joy! We are all striving to feel better and be happier through improving our health, thank you for your post and for reminding us to keep going. emoticon

LEANMEAN2 Posts: 20,020
5/19/11 6:40 A

Congrats to all of you who posted.
You are all winners.

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5/19/11 6:40 A


CAROLYNINJOY1 Posts: 8,105
5/19/11 6:39 A

emoticon Congratulations! Great post! Emotions can wreak havoc on us when they run rampant. The trick is to catch them quick before they build up momentum & channel that energy. emoticon

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5/19/11 6:39 A

Congatulations! you did it! You look Marvelous! Great job, way to go! wooo hooo ;)

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5/19/11 6:15 A

I am so excited for you!! I also have found the same to be true on this most amazing journey of a lifetime!!! I have lost 140+ pounds and can honestly say I am a completely different person. My perspective on life is completly different. I have things going on in my life now that I never would have imagined and am so excited for the future. The reality is we are not just physical people... we are emotional, mental and spiritual just as much as physical. and when truly embrasing this journey you will find that all three are changed as the physical changes. Good luck as you continue this journey! May God Bless the path you are on! As a life coach it is such a wonderful part of my journey to see others take such amazing steps on theirs!!! anyone need encouragement reach out to me at

YICHE12 Posts: 39,250
5/19/11 6:13 A

Overall job well done! You learned in the process and this is the most important thing. By the way, you look great! emoticon

HEATLW SparkPoints: (37,606)
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5/19/11 5:58 A

Staying focused is the hardest part. Thanks for showing me it CAN be done.

and don't worry about those last 5 lbs. You look fantastic already !

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5/19/11 5:54 A

Thanks for posting this. I am just starting my journey and I find it very inspiring to read others success story. emoticon

JOANIEMARIE642 Posts: 138
5/19/11 5:50 A

I am doing everything I have always done but am gaining weight.......It's only 2 pounds heavier in a year? To me, at 5' 5" it is too much so.........I am not going to dwell on the gain! I am going to learn from it. I am going to get rid of that 2 pounds by reading more positive motivations on

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,300)
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5/19/11 5:44 A

You are already inspiring. Have a great day!

5/19/11 5:31 A

Well done from Clare in the UK!! Your success feels wonderful to me, sharing with each other makes us all stronger!

FELICIA1963 Posts: 12,602
5/19/11 5:26 A


BEACHDIVA3 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 5:22 A

Thanksfor sharing, it keeps me going!!

SPARKLEDUCK100 Posts: 37
5/19/11 5:22 A

Don't try. Can you replace that feeling of wanting something sweet with a burst of song with a glass of water whilst you make a healthy longlasting snack! Do it just for us until it becomes a habit. When I am well fed, I never think about sweet stuff, only when I need a buzz of fake energy, and it's such a waste of me........Put an anergising track ready and a note by the sweet stuff.
You are worth it.

5/19/11 5:05 A

You can do it!!! You have a great mindset and that is most important! Those last 5 don't stand a chance!

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
5/19/11 4:55 A


I would love to give you a cyber *hi5*. I couldnt have said it better myself and its exactly how everyday is for me! So inspiring and I hope anyone who reads this and is struggling, it motivates them! Everyday in everyway my life is better because of my lifestyle change!

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5/19/11 4:47 A look great and have motivated me tons just by your story. I have gained weight since I started sparkspeople but that has been because I haven't been as diligent nor have I been focused on my goal. you have given me the inspiration that I needed. Thank you so much! emoticon

BEAMSLY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 4:47 A

You were hoping to inspire someone?
Mission Accomplished...
Well laid down words, thanks for taking the time to express them.
You say, "I'm not here as much as I should be"... well perhaps you should just also realize that perhaps you ARE where you should be too!
Your words are powerful because they are spoken from an enlightened heart... and you passed them on because that is the job of the enlightened heart to scent life with hope by setting an example and showing the way for FREE... the best things in life are free.

Thank you so much.

ARMANABRAHAM SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 4:45 A

Congratulations!!!! Keep it up and you will keep inspiring us!

DEBRINCONCITA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 4:35 A

emoticon emoticon I have seen so many stories of ZUMBA, it's looks so fun? But, I have problems with my back & Arthritis in my knees. SO, I seriously don't know if I could handle this program of exercise. BUT, back in the past I would have loved it. MAYBE after I lose some weight & or get the knee replacement I can start it or something similiar. KEEP UP thE good work!! emoticon

ALBATROS1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 4:14 A

Well Done, emotions are very easy to get side tracked by,i know as i have the same problem-and eat when stressed. good luck to you you have done brilliant, and really inspired me today ! x

Edited by: ALBATROS1 at: 5/19/2011 (04:59)
5/19/11 4:03 A

emoticon on your success! emoticon

SMILER_JACKIE42 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 3:58 A

You are an inspiration. My trouble is that I'm addicted to eating sweet stuff..... I will try harder to get over it. x

SPARKLEDUCK100 Posts: 37
5/19/11 3:20 A

Thanks for thinking of us all.
You look amazing, you sound lovely,
never go back...............
what are you going to achieve next in your life!!

SROBERTS82 Posts: 306
5/19/11 3:18 A

That's awesome! It is inspirational to hear of people who've had such great success. It sounds like you've experienced the 'lifestyle change' :)

5/19/11 2:50 A

good for you.
thanks for your support and encouragement

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/19/11 2:17 A

Congrats on your success! I have only lost about 68 pounds, but I can already say that I too have a brighter outlook on things. I don't feel as depressed or anxious about things. I don't turn to food for comfort anymore. I can tell that it only gets better from here.

GAILJOSMITH SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 1:46 A

You have just inspired me!!!!!! Thank you

SAVENS1 Posts: 43
5/19/11 1:34 A

Great Job

SAVENS1 Posts: 43
5/19/11 1:33 A

Great Job

LOSINGIT23 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/19/11 1:32 A

You are awesome and I hope to be able to say someday that I have overcome my emotional eating. What tools did you use to help you?

KISHANI Posts: 20
5/19/11 1:25 A

Well done on your achievement, you must feel great emoticon . I am still on an uphill struggle with reaching my target hope i can have your determination

LOIDAEG SparkPoints: (9,622)
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5/19/11 1:21 A

congrats on your success!!! :)

I'm with you, I'm more optimistic now than ever before. Even bad days don't seem all that bad. :-) I love my life!

4/27/11 2:33 P

Great job! Congratulations on making the changes, embracing the process and doing the work. Yes, the last five are tough but stick with it and you will succeed as you have already...

Best wishes!

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
4/27/11 1:16 P

emoticon on your weight loss. GOOD FOR YOU!!! emoticon
I can sure relate to having food as best friend. Went through divorce after 30 years of marriage almost 10 years ago & within a year I ballooned to 205#! NOT GOOD!!!
Isn't it emoticon to work on yourself & get over everything that made us turn to the food? It never made me happy, but it was my drug that helped me deal with life.....NOT good!
You have a WONDERFUL day!!! emoticon

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
4/27/11 1:04 P

Congratulations on your life changing success. We know you will inspire others as you continue to Spread the Spark.

Coach Tanya

FITJANE6 SparkPoints: (14,609)
Fitness Minutes: (11,186)
Posts: 301
4/27/11 12:41 P

I'm just starting out, too, and I am so inspired to read your story, and know that it's possible to achieve my goals like you achieved yours! Good luck with your last five pounds! You look FANTASTIC!!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (408,006)
Fitness Minutes: (214,485)
Posts: 22,736
4/27/11 12:34 P

Hello Katyann,

emoticon Your post IS inspiring as it speaks clearly to the overall joy that adopting a healthy lifestyle brings. Keep up the good work!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KATYAROSE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/11 12:17 P

Thank you for sharing. I'm just starting off on my journey, but I'm already starting to see some of the similar benefits that you mentioned. It's great to see someone who has almost accomplished their weight goal, and has achieved so much else! Good luck with the final 5lbs!

KATYANN09 Posts: 21
4/27/11 12:00 P

im not on here as much as i should be .. but am still down about 85lbs and have kept it off for over a year .. trying to lose that last 5 lbs is the hardest .. BUT

i just had to share that not only has this journey helped me become healthy and to overcome my vicious cycle of food as my best friend BUT
it has also helped me to realize who I am as a person, who i want to become in the future, and who I was in the past. IT made me face the challenges of WHY i was eating the way I did and how emotions can really trigger you to eat when you are not even hungry. It had made me happier in general - happier health, happier life, happier career. Everything just seems so happy and so optomistic and even a bad day is a good day - :)
just had to share. I hope i can inspire some people some day just as this site inspired me.

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