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7/6/11 12:06 A

My husband doesn't like vegetables either. I try to stick with ones that he'll at least tolerate, or I'll top it with parmesean or tomato sauce, or something healthy-ish. He despises spinach, so when I want it I'll use the blender to turn some frozen spinach into a powder and put it in whatever-- he doesn't even notice it, and I get my veggie servings.

Better yet, when he DOESN'T eat the veggies I put on his plate? I take them. I just consider it bonus servings. That way I'm fuller, I get more fiber and vitamins, but with almost no extra calories.

Even if you don't want to get him to eat veggies (though why not? I know he's an adult, but sometimes even adults need to be treated like kids if they're not eating their veggies LOL!), you don't have to stop eating it. Put it in a bowl with some water and microwave "steam" is-- instant single-serving with no dirty pots and pans.

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7/5/11 9:12 P

My husband doesn't eat vegetables either. But I make them every night anway.

I also only eat dinner with my husband so I try to pack in the veggies at breakfast and lunch as much as possible.

I eat healthy even when he does NOT.

hang in there. You might convert him yet!

SONICB Posts: 4,363
7/5/11 8:54 P

Have you heard of the books "The Sneaky Chef" and "Deceptively Delicious"? The recipes use vegetable purees added to traditional recipes that are usually unhealthy.

Does your bf like soup? Vegetable soups of chunky stews (chunk vegetables in the stews, that is) can be a great way to get your 5-a-day in... Butternut squash soup is usually fantastic.

Elie Krieger also has a recipe for butternut squash mac & cheese floating around somewhere on the Internet.

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7/5/11 3:43 P

I live with my boyfriend, and since I'm the one cooking, I'm the one who decides what we eat. Why does hubby get to dictate what you make when he won't make the effort to cook it himself? I will never intentionally cook something I know my boyfriend is allergic to or hates, but if he doesn't like something I make, that's his problem to deal with, not mine. He eats way more vegetables now than he ever did before, because he's too lazy to make his own separate sides... it's a win-win for both of us.

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7/5/11 1:41 P

there are a lot of veggies my husband doesn't like or will only eat a certain way. Typically dumping cheese on something makes him happy. He'll also eat more of them if fried so I use oven frying on occasion. Otherwise I just make them and if he eat them; fine...if he doesn't I save them for lunch the next day.

7/5/11 1:33 P

I think that the baggie salad is a good idea!! I may have to try that!! I always have a salad made in my fridge. I make a big salad with tons of chopped veggies and that is always my go-to meal. Its there and done. I also have been eating my salads with about 2-3 tbs of salsa instead of dressing. =) my daughter is the same way as she will only eat corn. So, I "hide" veggies in her meals but for the most part just have her eat fruit as she eats tons of fruit. I know it has a lot of sugar (natural) but its better then plain junk!!
Just remember that you are doing this to become healthy and feel good. In my household it comes down to you fend for yourself if you dont want to eat what I am cooking!! You are the only one lifting the food to your mouth so YOU are the one who decides what kind of food it is!! Good luck!! emoticon

ALYNN91 Posts: 15
7/5/11 1:22 P

I think it's so sad how some people never learn to love vegetables. I love them so much. What I would do is make big batches of broccoli, etc, then put it in a container in the fridge to warm up when you need it. Big bags of salad.

Why not talk to him about it? Tell him it helps you if he eats healthier too. Make him feel like he's a big part of your success with the diet. Maybe he'll suck it up and eat them to help you, and maybe end up liking them in the long run. Maybe not. But I would definitely talk to him.

Good Luck!

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
7/5/11 1:12 P

Most times, I cook for one so it's always "just me" eating the vegetables. Like others said, what he eats or does not eat doesn't have to dictate what you eat. Beans aren't bad, but baked beans can have a lot of extra things like sugar. Maybe you can find ways to make vegetables more appealing to him or harder to avoid in the food you cook. I make a lot of stir fries with chicken, shrimp, beef, or pork with a whole mess of vegetables. It's all mixed together and toss a little ginger and soy sauce in there and it's very tasty. It's also pretty easy to put extra vegetables in meals like lasagna. I even put veggies in my meatloaf.

You might want to find out what it is about the vegetables that your husband doesn't like. Taste? Texture? is he just not used to it? I used to hate salads until I realized that they didn't have to be bland and flavorless. And vegetables don't just have to be plain and steamed on the side to be healthy. They can be a wonderful ratatouille or a great squash casserole or pureed as a thickener in soup or delicious in a curry sauce. There are also some pretty good frozen vegetables in those microwave steampacks that come with different kinds of sauces - not just cheese, but things like basil and olive oil or orange ginger. Maybe trying something different will get your husband on board with eating more veggies.

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7/5/11 12:53 P

While you can encourage the veggie eating, ultimately it's up to him. You can't make him eat his veggies like you would a child. It will help build your willpower as no matter where you go or who you're with, eating temptations are going to exist.

7/5/11 12:53 P

~~tough love alert~~

What your husband chooses to eat is not a factor in what you eat. You cannot blame your choices on his choices.

True, him not eating veg isn't helping you eat healthy and lose's not keeping you from doing those things either. You are the only person who controls what goes into your mouth.

I don't mean to be harsh but I do want to be firm because there is power is choosing to accept total responsibility for your choices. That power will get you where you want to be.

A favorite of mine is what I call "baggie salad" (though it can be made in a bowl lol). I chop all sorts of veggies into bite sized bits and toss into a gallon baggie. I splash in some balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, a few packets of sweetener, parsley, garlic powder...and shake the bag. Every time I open the fridge I give the bag a shake.

I have a baggie salad marinating in the fridge right now. It has cabbage, broccoli slaw (cut smaller than it comes), onion, celery, cauliflower, carrot, cherry tomatoes cut in half, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash. It's an easy (and tasty!) between meal snack, travels well (doesn't need to be kept cold), and is ready to go when you don't feel like cooking veg at meal time.

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7/5/11 12:39 P

That's why we need hospitals.

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7/5/11 8:56 A

agreed with redshoes, no veggies = not healthy. No ifs ands or buts.

You can always make veggies for yourself. No need to let your husband be an excuse for you not to eat them.

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
7/5/11 8:55 A

If I were you, I wouldn't let his diet dictate mine. It would be nice if he decided to eat healthier along with you, but you can't make or expect him to. I like to steam large batches of veggies at a time so I have plenty for the coming week. That way all I have to do is heat it up, instead of actually having to cook something. Same idea with frozen veggies, which are just as quick to heat up. You could try either of those options. When making things like casseroles and soups, there's a lot of room to double (or more) the veggies that the recipe calls for.

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7/5/11 8:45 A

Sorry but if he doesn't eat vegetable period new flash he is not eating healthy.. Perhaps get a dietitian to sit down with you both and explain this so he doesn't go bananas.. He can give you the run around, but a dietitian nope..

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7/5/11 6:48 A

He does want to eat healthier but he just doesnt eat veg. If he does he has to put something on it like a sauce which is fine but he'd rather not have veg.

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7/5/11 6:43 A

Veggies for 1 are very quick. Make a salad,steam or microwave some frozen veggies. Having cut up carrots and other fresh ones on hand too. Some healthy olive oil dressing,hummus,sprinkle of cheese can help with taste too. As for your husband all you can do is encourage and ask him if he would like to eat healthier. If he does not want to then there is not much you can do

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7/5/11 5:33 A

You can probably guess what im going to say. My husband isnt a fan of having vegetables but im trying to eat more vegetables with my dinner. He prefers to have baked beans instead. I find it to sit there and watch him having baked beans with most meals instead of have vegetables.
Also because its just me and my husband at home i sometimes dont bother cooking veg for dinner as its just me eating them.
What im trying to say is that him not have veg with me isnt helping me much with eating healthly and losing weight.
Sorry this is a bit of a vent.

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