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5/27/14 12:14 P

my new goals are trying to do different forms of exercising and keeping my portions in tact. i want to work harder on exercising more and keeping calories where I can try to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. 2 ponds a week will take me till june 2015 to lose all my weight.

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5/12/14 11:39 A

Great plan! Keep up the good work!

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5/8/14 3:36 P

Love your success.

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5/6/14 11:44 A

goal 1 was to not have sugar if possible

meeting this goal. i have not had any sugar snacks since jan 1 2014. except dark choc. almonds, good for the heart ( one oz a day is ok)

goal 2.stop being an overeater

this one two i think i have done a great job on. it is still hard to not munch in the afternoon when i finally sit down between 7pm and 10pm when i go to bed. i have tryed to stick to cutie oranges, apples and peanut butter , celery, carrots with veg. dip or my deluxe nuts with a few dark choc almonds to get a taste of sweetness.

goal three exercise 60 minutes on the gazelle.

was doing it every single day of the week until this week and i have been moving so much doing repairs and deep cleaning that i am lucky if i get 30 minutes. which i think i only missed one day of not doing 30.

goal 4 drinking no soda

got this one i have had 8 glasses of water everyday since i began this venture.

goal 5 healthy foods only

i have eaten at least 5 vegetables a day with 4 of them in my omelet every morning. i eat lean versions of meat. chicken, fish, 93% lean hamburger, turkey sausage etc. i also incorporated the fruit as snack with i have never been a fruit person. now i have apples, cutie oranges, blueberries, strawberries and grapefruit cups.

over all i have really changed my way of eating . now if i could get the scale to cooperate it would be great. because i seems to want to stay stuck. any suggestions

well thats been my plan. i think it is a good one so i am sticking to it even though the scale doesnt like me. lol

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