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6/9/13 11:16 P

Sweets are an issue for many of us, so you're not alone. Make sure to check out the Spark articles under "Nutrition" on eating without sweets.

Keep learning and making one small change at a time ... one step in front of the other ...

ANGHARAD3 Posts: 966
6/9/13 7:26 P

...God bless your Grandma. Congratulations on your resolve.

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6/9/13 4:54 P

good on you for kicking the sweet tooth habit! If you ever have a craving thats just too hard to deny... try fruit based snacks. The sugar will help curb your cravings but in a healthier way!

6/9/13 4:42 P

I am taking the tame the sweet tooth challenge. the first two days I did not go over anything on my food diary. today I went over on fat but I will work on the fats/carbs next. my biggest weakness is sweets. I did say no to coconut cream pie that my step grandma brought over knowing I was giving up sweets.

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