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4/16/13 12:34 P

greek yogurt is awesome and so good for you

SIERRA717 Posts: 14
4/16/13 12:21 P

I'm a sour cream addict! I can garnish almost anything with it or ranch. I recently made the switch to 0% fave Greek yogurt and its the perfect sour cream swap! Love!!

4/13/13 3:31 P

i used to do that all the time and for some reason one of the pints of nonfat cottage cheese i bought looked like it had gelatin pieces in it instead of curds...i still like it though. here lately, i just prefer the yogurt and if i use greek yogurt, it's a little creamier. i like the calcium content and protein content of both cottage cheese and yogurt and i think they are both great substitutes for cream cheese, dressings, and sour cream.

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4/12/13 12:54 P

If you put cottage cheese in a food processor to get rid if the chunks, you can add in a ranch packet and it's pretty much the same as dressing. Like yogurt, it has protein, which is great and is also low in fat.
I mix cottage cheese with salsa for a veggie dip. It looks weird, but tastes really good.

4/12/13 9:46 A

it might take a little getting used to, but i think they'll be ok with the switch. the first time i made french onion dip and taco dip (using a packet of taco seasoning in the yogurt) i waited for my husband's reaction...he didn't have one. the key is using the right amount of yogurt with your seasoning...i also wanted to cut down on his sodium intake, so i used a bit more yogurt than i would have normally used with sour cream.

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4/11/13 4:28 P

I need to try this sitch for ranch dip for my family. They love ranch dip, wonder if I can slip this one by them?

4/10/13 7:28 A

never really was a fan of sour cream because it was lacking in nutritional value in my opinion so i have topped my potatoes with fat free plain yogurt instead. i use yogurt in sauces (like green enchilada sauce and stroganoff) to make creamy enchiladas. i also use plain yogurt for dips and dressings that can easily be mixed with flavor packets like lipton onion soup mix or ranch seasoning.

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