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6/4/13 2:02 P

One of the trainers I work with talks pretty consistently about stomach pooch for us ladies. She has us do a number of back exercises (such as the superman) to work on our back muscles, which supposedly helps with poochy bellies. She is very careful to correct our posture on these workouts at the same time as she says some core exercises can actually make your stomach muscles more round instead of flat. That might be something you want to check into.

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6/4/13 1:07 P

I have thunder thighs compared to the rest of my body and that is genetic. I have finally lost most of them by using weights like a body builder without the bulging muscles. In order to do that I used massive amounts of time with cardio and weight training...After 287 days of constant training only missing a day or two. It can be done! Do you remember when Jessica Simpson played Daisy Duke for the movie "Dukes of Hazard" she was tiny. She is huge now and has been for some time. When she lost her weight it was done via personal training focusing on replacing fat tissue for muscle. It takes a long time for this to happen. The muscles must be challenged to grow and replace fat. Our diet must be much more nutritionally dense to lose the fat. It takes a big commitment, as a mother, wife and a licensed therapist I ask myself if it's worth the time. Today I say yes! Good luck all my SP buddies!

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6/4/13 11:38 A

Well, although I don't really have any advice (yet) about what really works to get rid of it, I certainly can relate to the OP's plight. I have lost alot more weight than I had originally planned in a effort to get rid of my belly fat once and for all, but after 3 kids and carrying at least 80 lbs too many for too many years and at age 45, I just don't know how much more headway I can make. I am continuing to try and lose despite being at a lower weight than I ever have been since puberty. What is particularly discouraging is hitting your high school weight and your body looks nothing like it did back then!! lol

I only continue to try and eat well and clean as much as I can, am active and do ST in an effort to continue to lose fat only. I also exfoliate and moisturize my belly every day in hopes that this old skin has a change to snap back some day! I also find some hope in the fact that it's had lots of time to snap back as opposed to having lost it quickly which hopefully will increase my chances of it eventually shaping up to be something less disgusting than it is now. Baby steps. I feel your pain.

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6/4/13 5:07 A

JENSTRESS: "All the ab workouts in the world will not give you a 6 pack."

I never said they would. I stated I know spot reduction is a myth, and I'm not asserting that ab workouts are going to cause you to lose weight in the stomach, or necessarily any weight at all, because they're not exactly high on the calorie-burning front (I haven't lost any weight since I started doing Pilates).

My point is merely that if you have a weak core (and therefore poor posture) it will probably pooch out, regardless of how much fat is covering it. That's why I don't understand it when people effectively say that core strength is irrelevant to whether or not you have a flat stomach; is it a backlash against the claim that you can do crunches and get a six-pack?

6/4/13 12:48 A

I had and still have a lot more weight to lose than most. I have lost 76 pounds on route to 200. One thing that I have noticed as I reach goals and plateaus is that getting stronger and more fit can't be orchestrated to our personal desires. I knew after I lost 45 pounds that I would be forced to have liposuction and whatever you call it when you have extra skin removed. Now that I am 76 pounds down I can see my skin and flab adjusting in my abdominal area. I now have really flabby inner thighs-- a new experience. I can't offer any advice except to say that patience is a virtue. The more you tone the more benefits you will see. Strong abs are a lot more important than a flat tummy even though it seems they ought to go together. They don't always.

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6/3/13 1:00 P

Where we lose and gain fat is a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. For me, I always lose top down (which is why, with 60 lbs to go, I can see my collar bones. True story.)

It is frustrating, but the only thing that will get the results you want is persistence.

That said, for me, running slimmed my belly area out like nothing else. I figure it's a three fold reason:

1. Running demands a lot of the core and worked my posture.

2. Running burns a lot of calories, accelerating fat loss.

3. Running reduces stress and helps regulate my hormones allowing my body to do its thing better.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/3/13 9:31 A

Dragonchilde said that, and it is true. You are slightly misunderstanding. All the ab workouts in the world will not give you a 6 pack. Only healthy eating will. (and even then, add genetics and so much more!!!) That being said, when you work a muscle group, the muscles get stronger and you do burn calories. But it doesn't matter how many squats I do, I will not lose the weight on my legs first. That will come secondary, because that is how the weight comes off my body. Not only could Pilates have given you better posture, but I am sure since you started Pilates, you have lost weight. Depending on your genetics, some could have come off your belly.

I don't retain much weight in my belly. Mine is the butt/thigh area. I do have a small pooch right now (I'm sure it will be a problem area from my pregnancies and c-section) but I am also sure that since I am more than 30 pounds from my goal weight, it will be significantly smaller. Mostly my area looks flat. My but and thighs, however, are thunderous!!!

Emily0724 - have you been checked out by a doc recently? I only ask this because I had a friend who was in good shape all over but kept gaining a pooch and never had kids. She had a fibroid tumor the size of a football in her belly. Now, this is probably unlikely, especially depending on your body fat % and the amount of weight you have to lose, but I just wanted to cover your bases!

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6/3/13 9:20 A

That might because you now have better posture. When someone slouches, of course their stomach and abs are going to pouch out, flat abs or not. Pilates is a lot about having your spine in proper alignment and you are most likely unconsciously using better posture since you've started your training. :) I definitely noticed that I sit up straighter at my desk and stand straighter since I've started doing a lot of free weights since that too requires lots of core strength.

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6/3/13 6:01 A

DRAGONCHILDE said: "Greater core strength is a good thing, no doubt, but it won't give you flat abs"

I've never understood this, tbh. I know spot reduction is a myth and all, but in my experience you need core strength in order for low-fat abs to be flat; otherwise the muscles just pooch out. Even where I am, with excess fat on my belly, I notice a difference between my stomach now and before I started Pilates a couple of months ago. It's not that there's less belly fat, just that the muscles themselves are flatter.

DUCKY2222 Posts: 313
6/2/13 1:01 P

Looks like alot of us have the tummy problem after kids. It has reduced somewhat and hoping for me but if not I am not beating myself up sopmething I have no control over.

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6/2/13 10:58 A

FITGLAMGIRL, your stomach reduction had nothing to do with ab-targeting exercises, I'm afraid. Your overall fat reduction is what did it, combined with lucky genetics; not specific foods nor specific exercises. Spot reduction through exercise simply isn't possible. Greater core strength is a good thing, no doubt, but it won't give you flat abs

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
6/2/13 12:45 A

I had somewhat of the same issue, but have reduced my stomach immensely. I worked on eating a very lean clean diet. Targeted exercises that worked the abs too. Now it's way better than before. Abs are made in the kitchen! Good luck!

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6/1/13 9:29 A

cute. I guess I'll keep my tummy fat!

ELMA1913 Posts: 5,051
6/1/13 9:02 A

Same problem here - my doctor did tell me that because of my C-sections that I will always have that pouch. Not encouraging, but now I just remember that my two daughters are worth it! emoticon

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6/1/13 7:27 A

Ditto. My stomach is my problem area, especially after two pregnancies and two C-sections. Even at my goal weight of 107 lbs I still had a bit of a pot belly. A little pooch covering some rock solid abs and killer obliques. If it weren't for stubborn abdominal fat, I'd be rocking a 6-pack.

I actually gained a bit of weight back (working it off right now) but I went back in my tracker and found that my waist is actually smaller than it was at the same weight a couple months ago. So hope? Maybe once I get back to my goal weight it'll be smaller this time around. Perhaps I gained some more muscle in my weight gain and it has something to do with changing my body composition. (ie: gaining lean muscle mass and losing fat).

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5/31/13 8:41 P

I know how you feel. I realized that most of it was due to the sodium I took in so I try to watch that.

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5/31/13 5:56 P

I don't have that problem, but I'll trade you some of your belly fat for some of my underarm fat. Even at goal weight I have to be choosy about the bras and sleeveless shirts I wear or just ... ack. Deal? :)

EMILY0724 SparkPoints: (46,128)
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5/31/13 5:35 P

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm just glad to know I'm not alone in this!

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5/31/13 1:30 P

Congratulations on those 40 pounds!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

As you probably know already your body stores the fat where it's genetically predisposed to the store fat so if your body likes to store the fat on your tummy you might have to get super lean before anybody can see your amazing abs :-( I say it's not getting you anywhere focusing on your belly (which probably isn't nearly as big as you think). When it's getting you down think about all you've accomplished and what you like about your new body. Have you got great arms? great legs? a great butt? Focus on those instead of the belly.

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5/31/13 1:26 P

Oh yeah... gotta love it... women are built this way, especially if you've already had kids. My belly is my biggest trouble area. Even when I was 130 lbs at 5'6" (which I am 25 lbs heavier now), I had that pot belly - pregnant look.

EMILY0724 SparkPoints: (46,128)
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5/31/13 1:18 P

Back before I started losing weight, I would say that I looked pregnant! Now that i've lost 40 pounds, I still look that way!! It's not just my lower abdoment. It starts at my ribcage. Underneath this fat, I actually have some pretty killer abs! I realize there is not way to target a certain area. I just wondered if anyone else has this problem!

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